Pliny Vs Flower Power

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  1. Is Flower Power east coast 's Pliny ??
  2. fredmugs

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    I have a FP in the fridge and a Pliny en route. I plan on tasting those two as well as a Myrcenary this weekend. Got a Heady, 90, Minute, and West Sixth on standby.
  3. No heady is. Flower power is the east coast zombie. There was a huge thread on this 2 weeks ago.
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  4. agreed. FP isn't as good as Pliny but its very good. heady on the other hand. well that's a different animal. that will slaughter Pliny. IMO
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  5. SeaOfShells

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    Cool, another Pliny vs. <insert IPA> thread!
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  6. These should be against the rules.
  7. Haha I still feel compelled to give my .02 on half of them.
  8. kzoobrew

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    Flower Power is the East Coasts Two Hearted which is the Midwests Blind Pig which is the West Coasts.....
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  9. My Dad can beat up your Dad! :p
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  10. nc41

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    Your comparing a DIPA to an IPA? Really? Love both in their respective classes, but this isn't a fair fight.
  11. Flower Power CRUSHES Two Hearted! Just my blah blah blah blah!
  12. nc41

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    Fresh I agree.

    I had a 2H on tap yesterday, absolutely no nose at all. FP is killer, lots of Citra like hits IMO. My favorite IPA's are FP and Furious.
  13. lonewolfcry

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    I'm glad I just got both in a trade!

    I'll give my... blah blah blah... opinion soon (had too much of a head start tonight to do the side by side)
  14. jaIsPoAn

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    Lol awesome Pliny doesn't even compare to heady destroys it
  15. Horbar

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    Which one stays fresh longer? Now that's a contest!
  16. I'll let you know next month with my "Great Two Year Old IPA Experiment" ST 2XIPA, Troegg's NN, DFH 90 MIN, DFH Burton Baton, Harpoon Imperial Ipa and Ithaca Flower Power! I've been cellaring each IPA for two years so that the bend/curve in each could happen. One year just didn't seem like enough for an IPA experiment.
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  17. Couldn't disagree more with you regarding Heady vs PtE. Respectfully....of course.