Port Angeles, Wa news: Barhop Brewery and Taproom is finally reopening!

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by MadCanadian, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. For those in the Port Angeles, Wa area who didn't already know, Barhop Brewery and Taproom is reopening on Wednesday, Dec 5th. Their new location is at 124 W Railroad Ave., Port Angeles, Wa. This will be their brewery with taproom on site, unlike their old locations, with the brewery one place, taproom another. This also means Port Angeles' newest production only brewer, Dungeness Brewing Co will once again be selling beer as they have a permanent guest tap at Barhop. I for one am glad, not that I'll be able to make it until the weekend!! By the way, you're welcome Tom and Mic if you're reading this!
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    Just returned from my trip back to Port Angeles. I visited their new taproom and they are doing a fine job with it! Free pool! In addition the beers they had on tap were good. I tried their scotch ale, IPA and porter and all were solid brews. Would recommend!