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Portland tasting groups?

Discussion in 'New England' started by commis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. commis

    commis Savant (340) Massachusetts Jul 21, 2009

    Are there any? My wife and I are relocating from Asheville in early December and I'd love to get in on some tastings. Any BAs have anything happening on a regular or semi-regular basis?
    Also, let me know if I can bring anything that anyone would like from these parts. The Event Horizon release is conveniently just a week or so before we move.
  2. Brez07

    Brez07 Initiate (0) Maine Sep 29, 2009

    Assuming you mean Portland, ME, then yes, there is a regular group! We usually meet monthly (although its been a little slow lately). Keep an eye out for any threads with SMBDC in the title.

    Basic info - we do a theme each time (stout, BA, etc) and ask that each person coming brings roughly 22oz (bomber, 750 or two 12s) although often times people bring more than that. Rotate hosts, who typically provides some snacks but people show up with things as well. BYOG (glass). Feel free to BM at any point for any questions, etc