Possible mold in water filter

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  1. I use a cartridge based water filter. When I'm done I take it apart and let it air dry for a day or two and the pack it away, usually not sealed back up. I noted what I think is a little bit of mold in it. The water tastes fine and I have not noted any off flavors. Should I continue doing as I've done or something else.

    I could just store it wet and sealed, run bleach through it or nothing. Maybe it filters out.

    Anyone else have suggestions of what works for them?

  2. billandsuz

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    mold should not be in your water. let it air dry completely if you use it occasionally. probably not a major health concern since you are presumably boiling all your water used in the beer. but you certainly should not have any mold in your brewhouse, regardless.

    i advise against bleach. the pleated paper could end up tasting like bleach forever. a no rinse sanitizer would help.

    you should know why you are using the filter however. a cartridge filter without carbon is simple mechanical filtration. it will remove solids but is not terribly useful for most brewers. if it never clogs, no matter how much flow, then it is not doing anything.