Possibly repitching for bottle condtioning

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  1. I have a rye pale ale fermenting in a bucket right now. Temperature of the beer is 60 degrees, and I am afraid that most of the yeast has settled to the bottom. The last beer I bottled in this condition took over 2 months to fully carb, and I don't want to deal with that again (pretty hoppy beer and I don't want to lose any of the aromas and flavors). Any harm in throwing a pack of US-05 into the bottling bucket when I rack it?
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    What's the beer's gravity?
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    No harm. I'd rehydrate the yeast first and mix well. Also, I'd probably not use a whole pack of dry yeast. Maybe 1/4 pack or so.
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  4. Beer's gravity is 1.016 (target was 1.014).
  5. “Any harm in throwing a pack of US-05 into the bottling bucket when I rack it?” No harm whatsoever.

    You really shouldn’t need to pitch ‘extra’ yeast at bottling but I suspect that doing so will give you peace of mind and it will indeed do no harm.

    You don’t really need a whole pack but pitching a whole pack won’t do any harm. If you would prefer to just pitch a portion of the pack (e.g., the ¼ that utahbeerdude mentions) that would be sufficient yeast for bottling purposes. Unless you have the means to vaccum pack the remaining portion of yeast I would recommend you just throw it away.