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  2. I don't have the bottle list handy, but this is what we polished off at my place during this past Philly Beer Week between Wednesday night in the middle of the week, and the Saturday night to close it out. Epic, is putting it mildly.
    I think that's my dining room table under there somewhere.

  3. Amateurs? Included in my picture was everything you depicted from Goose Island, plus both years of Nightstalker. If you're going to do a Goose Island tasting, don't do it half-assed. Amateur.
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    On Saturday we had every Dogfish Head beer thats been made in the past few years.
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    Headed to Beachwood for an IP trade yesterday. Decided to crack open one of the trades with the group there, 2010 BT. Drinking fantastic! Beachwood staff is one of the best no doubt.

  6. Got together with a friend last night for a nice little tasting. Ended up Bigger than expected!


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    Having already done the Westy 12 vs. St. Bernardus Abt. 12, vs. Rochefort 10, vs. fresh Pannepot, etc., etc., etc....

    I decided to pit the three best Belgian Quad/Strong Dark Ales I have ever tasted, side-by-side in the ultimate head-to-head.

    The contenders:

    Westvleteren 12, bottled 6/16/10
    De Struise St. Amatus, initial bottling May 2010
    Pannepot 2007

    All poured simultaneously and consumed (as well as allowed to warm) at the same rate.

    Westy 12 was the pre-game favorite having handily beaten all adversaries faced to date.

    Here is the tale of the tape:

    Appearance: St. Amatus and Pannepot '07 were both deep dark brown with an initial 1 1/2" to 2" head that quickly receded to a thin cap. The Westy was a lighter brown with essentially the same head. Each had the same amount of relatively sparse lacing.

    Smell: St. Amatus had all of the dark fruit but also the only one of the three with chocolate aroma, Westvleteren 12 had walnut/hazelnut element, Pannepot '07 had allot of port wine.

    Taste: Pannepot had the depth & the dark fruit but the port wine like element is just excellent, Westy had the same dark fruit plus the nutty element, St. Amatus had a dark roast or chocolately flavor.

    Mouthfeel: Westy was smooth as silk, extraordinary to say the least. Both others were smooth but pale by comparison.

    Overall: Pannepot 2007 is the best quad/SDA I have ever had with complexity that is unrivaled, dark fruit, port wine, the wife even said she picked up some blueberry. Westy, while still exceptional placed a close second. The St. Amatus, again no-slouch, placed a very close third.

    Damn, wish I has a time machine for more Pannepot 2007 as my stock is slowly dwindling!

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  8. davey101

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    Awesome! Pannepot is easily my favorite quad and I just landed a '10 St. Amatus. Great tasting notes!
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  10. It was drinking great. It was a delicious brew that I would have again right now!
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  11. voxomkid

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    Was able to finally crack open the BA Hunahpu's with some friends:

    Bourbon was my favorite, folllowed by Whiskey and then Rum.
  12. Knifestyles

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    Killer tasting last night with Hopstoopid120, emdawg & BOBPINCH666....

    (Not pictured: Growler of NEBCo Galaxy, BCBS 2012 & insane cheeses)

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    How did the Kuhnhenn BBBW's compare to each other?
  14. Knifestyles

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    Well, besides the fact that all of them are insanely incredible beers, the 2009 was the preferred vintage. The bourbon influence on that one is just......unreal. Carbonation was minimal, but I don't really see this as a bad thing.

    The 2011 comes in at a very close 2nd, though. I really like the body....definitely has a bit of heft to it.

    2010 is awesome, but the heat on that one is out of control. Sort of made my eyes water when I would go in for a sip. I'm not sure if that one will ever really "mellow out".

    Had we thrown the 2008 in the mix, that probably would have skewed things a bit (I prefer the 2008 over 2010 & 2011).

    In summary: We've done this vertical many times before and the 2009 has always been the clear winner. I don't expect these results to change any time soon.
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    How was that greenworks?
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  16. L-R: Lost Abbey Angels Share, New Holland '06 Existential Hopwine, Deschutes Abyss, Bruery Oude Tart, Deschutes Black Butte XXIV, Lost Abbey Mo Bettw Bretta, 3 Floyds Bully Guppy, 3 Floyds Conquistador De Muerte, Bruery Tart of Darkness.[​IMG]
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    A little soap-forward for my tastes
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    Couldn't help it, was too funny seeing the dish soap sitting there next to the lineup of GI...
  19. For tomorrow night!

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    how was the 5 squared?
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    Last nights tasting for The Mrs. Birthday.

  25. Had a pretty nice get together with friends yesterday. Here's the lineup:


    Blabaer was our first's AWESOME!

    Hunahpu. So incredibly thick and viscous. Chocolate milk head. Good God, it was great.


    Sours served as "palate cleansers" between all the stouts. '09 Vignerrone was INTENSE. Loved it.

    Last night I tired Rare, Black Note, Huna, Damon, BBA Fayston. For those wondering, the Rare is BY FAR the best beer of the night. It was our first time having it and it was just head and shoulder above the other beers we had. Damon wasn't even close, and Damon was so good. Rare is just incredible, so far beyond expectations. It's the smoothest, most balanced stout I've ever had. Butterscotch, roast, velvet goodness. Holy shit people.

    Good times.

    ALSO...underated star of the night was the New Glarus raspberry tart. I'd drink that beer every week if I could, so well done.
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  28. monitorpop

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    No, the 5 of us each had about 2oz.
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  30. Lare453

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    this was for two of us in 2 hours.
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  32. jeonseh

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    Small tasting we had for my birthday. A bit random but spread out throughout a day of college football.
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  35. great saturday night tasting.



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    Pittsburgh BA Tasting
    Napa Smith bonfire
    Voodoo doughnut
    beatification batch 5
    2012 barrel aged sexual chocolate
    Odell Bourbon barrel stout
    jolly pumpkin de viento
    Boxer revange
    Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine - Coronado Brewing Company
    Little sumper wild
    Dos Cocoas Chocolate Porter
    white rajah
    brandy barrel super fly
    black dawn
    Oak jacked imperial pumpkin
    Barrel Aged Finlaggin
    Black tuesday 2011
    Behemoth 2012
    2011 Alaskan smoked porter
    Caption Lawrence reserve imperial IPA
    Eclipse - Grand Cru (2011)
    Eclipse - Rittenhouse Rye (2011)
    Consecration Batch 3
    Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio
    Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic
    3F Oude Kriek
    3F Oude Geuze
    2009 abyss NOT INFECTED!
    Bourbon berry grove
    Black Burner
    Grower of Cleveland crusher
    Grower of home brew IPA
    Blvd. Smokestack Series Imperial Stout - 2011
    Goose Island Night Stalker - 2010
    Southern Tier Gemeni
    2nd Shift - Unicorn Killer Saison UKII
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  37. Some of these are from a few months back. Enjoy the beer pr0n.​
    Post-RS Initiation Party​
    Post-Beatification Release​
    mrbubbler's Backyard Bonanza!​
    Pre-Coachella with mrpepino, mrbubbler, and Cavery​
    Blind BA Barleywine tasting hosted by DarthKostrizer​
    Cinco de Drink vertical tasting by SFV tasting group​
    Backyard Bonanza 2.2; my 22nd birthday!​
    RBSG featuring whales; big thanks to t0rin0, womencantsail, jerz, JealousChalice, mrbubbler, johndoe8 and others​
    mrbubbler's birthday bash! featuring a 9 year vertical of Lou Pepe Famboise​
    Full Eclipse vertical thanks to DarthKostrizer and friends​
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    i guess the mpressive part was that it was for 4 people in 5 hours...
  39. acurtis

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    Tasting Sat night. Highlights:
    Barrel Select Gold
    Genealogy Of Morals
    Victor Francenstein

    edit: at time of tasting, 3 of these beers were still not on ba.