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Post a pic of your "Tasting" events

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by C2H5, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. We had 3 bottles of Night Stalker. They had bottling dates of 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  2. pisano

    pisano Advocate (600) Massachusetts Sep 18, 2007

    HF Earl (growler cut off at left)
    HF Birth Of Tragedy
    RareR DOS
    Founders KBS & CBS
    Goose Island BCBS & BCBCS
    Fifty Fifty Eclipse (Elijah Craig 12 yr) 2011
    Firestone Parabola
    Hoppin' Frog BA BORIS
    Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon
    Hair of the Dog Adam

    From what I can remember, Eclipse & BA BORIS were outstanding among the others.
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  3. Had a small, inaugural tasting tonight, hope to have many more.
    Heady Topper
    Corsendonk Tempelier
    King Henry
    Lips of Faith Brett Beer
    Blank Slate/Triple Digit Determination
    Foothills People's Porter
    St. Bernardus Abt 12
    Cuvee de Trolls
    Fantome Extra Sour
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  4. scud

    scud Savant (335) Indiana Sep 22, 2010

    Thanks for coming over and bringing the Anna @cfrancess33
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  5. Wish I had a picture of what we had last night. We did the entire blackwater series from southern tier. Highlights for me were oat and mokah. We also split a bottle of ghost face killah between about 12 people. Highlight of the entire night was 2 bros doing Australian facials with Bud Select. For those of you who dont what that is, An australian facial is when you slam the side of a can of beer against your face until the can gets a hole in it and then you chug out of the hole.
  6. My friend Nick hosted a bunch of us for a killer tasting event/housewarming party. Here was the damage the next morning:

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  7. atone315

    atone315 Champion (845) Wisconsin Oct 8, 2008

    CW tasting among 5 of us Saturday night....


    We drank the 1414, 15, and Le Petite first, then made it about 3/4 of the way through the rest. Love me some CW!!!
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  8. [​IMG]
    Tasting at the Foothills Sexual Chocolate release this last weekend. Sadly, I can't remember what was in the growler on the right... It was a good day... ;)
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  9. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Are those real live females?
  10. Nectar

    Nectar Savant (310) New Jersey Jan 17, 2013

    Still feeling the effects? I only see a growler on the left ;)
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  11. A small tasting with a couple friends this last weekend. I've been waiting to finally pull these from the dark. That 09.09.09 blew me away. Aged absolutely perfectly. I wish now I had more...

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  12. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    From last weekend with cosmicevan, GrumpyOldTroll, dtmets84, afksports, totoropanda, and SpeedwayJim. As always, the company far outweighed the bottles shared. Sorry for the off angle, it was a long night.


    From L->R:
    Armand'4 Herfst
    Topless Wytch
    Lawson's Kiwi
    Half Acre Sanguis
    Tilquin Oude Gueuze
    Cable Car '12
    Fantome La Gourmande '04
    Lou Pepe Kriek '03
    Partridge in a Pear Tree
    100% BA Partridge in a Pear Tree
    Framboos '11
    Fou' Foune ('08-'12)
    Grey Monday
    Pappy 20
    C&C La Folie ('04, '05, '08, '09)
    Seizoen Bretta
    Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze ('04 Magnum)
    Veritas 006
    Saison Brett
    Nib Smuggler (unlabeled bottle)
    Double Galaxy

    Not pictured: Ommegang Abbey Ale (100% Bourbon Barrel Aged), Bell's BA 9000
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  13. futura123

    futura123 Savant (340) California Jul 29, 2010

    How are the older C & C compared to newer one? Do you prefer Framboos or Hommage? Dan told me Hommage is much better than Framboos which I really doubt :) How is the 04 magnum, worth the price?
  14. afksports

    afksports Savant (410) New York Aug 22, 2010

    Back in 2011 I got 3 '04 LF C&C'd and have opened them over the past year and a half. The first blew me away, still held a lot of the sweetness that you'd want in an oud bruin, and had a thread of balance despite the large acetic / vinegar thing going on. The second - about 8 months ago - still enjoyable, but more acetic. This one however, totally acetic, hard to drink. I don't think it just fell off though; this one had the least carbonation, so I'd guess it was a cork issue with the old bottle and some oxidation was playing a role, too. The '05 was high vinegar, but still carbed and had hints of balancing malts. The sweet spot was really the 08/09, imo. Those were smooth and seemed ripe.

    That said - L->R in the pic was basically the order consumed, so... take the comments with a grain of salt.

    Imo I preferred the Framboos, but the group was split. Both were great. Not sure on the price of the magnum.
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  15. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    I found the older La Folies to be tasting pretty damn stellar considering their age. I preferred the slightly newer batches, with the '08 being my favorite of the 4. Also to be truthful, these were tasted towards the end and there was some serious "fatigue" going on.
    The '04 magnum was interesting to try, probably not worth a huge amount but it was nearly flat and had quite a bit of vinegar to it which I dont usually pick up in Armand geuze.
    We've done Framboos/Hommage twice now and I have flip flopped over to the Framboos is better side. I was in the minority though. I think everyone else preferred Hommage both times.
  16. SpeedwayJim

    SpeedwayJim Advocate (700) New York Jun 19, 2009

    Did we seriously have all those? I don't remember the Herfst or the La Folie's at all!!
  17. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    So my tasting notes on the La Folie's are pretty suspect :)
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  18. For me, Hommage > Framboos both times I've had it side by side. 04 magnum was fun. We didn't drink it all though so it probably wasn't worth it from that perspective.
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  19. GOD DAMN! What a lineup!
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  20. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Champion (835) New York Dec 13, 2009

    i think i remember them...things got spotty at the end ;)

    agreed, hommage has been better to me both times, but i'm still blown away by framboos as well. i really dug the 04 magnum. it was SUPER grassy, but it was opened with a few others by the time i got there so i didn't get to fully take advantage or it, but i did have 2 nice pours of it throughout the day/evening.

    i used to think that things like that didn't happen and that a lot of those beers didn't even exist anymore...then i met captain ahab...er...i mean, mike ;)
  21. My best work is yet to come. :D
  22. Etan

    Etan Champion (755) Wisconsin Jul 11, 2011

    Fun time last night:
  23. Lansman

    Lansman Savant (420) Illinois Mar 19, 2011

  24. JEdmund

    JEdmund Savant (475) Kansas Oct 23, 2006

  25. [​IMG]
    ba abraxas and genealogy of morals....saturday morning beers with DenverBeerDrinker.
  26. Cenosillicaphobe

    Cenosillicaphobe Savant (360) Maine Jul 24, 2011

    Damn...y'all ain't playin'...I gotta get me some BA friends...if only I wasn't such a hermit...
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  27. founder26

    founder26 Savant (460) Michigan Sep 9, 2009

    I posted these in the what are you drinking but this was part of a tasting. First up, RARE!

    Nxt, black tuesday

    Nxt black ops
  28. Sippin on a DDC Fortunella- Kumquat IPA. WOW!
  29. acurtis

    acurtis Poobah (1,130) New Jersey Sep 27, 2010

    tonight with ross and luke

    Nemesis 09
    Golden Blend
    Oude Geuze
    SnR 2010
    Consecration b3
    Funk Metal






  30. jeonseh

    jeonseh Savant (495) Indiana Oct 14, 2007

    Tasting last night with awturboiv, leftyhyzer, and nasty 31.



    End of the night
  31. Thoughts on any of these? Highlights? Lowlights?
  32. jeonseh

    jeonseh Savant (495) Indiana Oct 14, 2007

    For the dark lords, it was definitely a toss up between the PVW and Brandy Vanilla for the best across the group.
    The Brandy Vanilla was pure marshmallow fluff with caramel and chocolate. Yet it was never overly sweet.

    The PVW really added a lot compared to the Bourbon DL I've had before and the Brandy. There was tons of the S-W butterscotch in both the nose and flavor. It reminded me of a thicker / sweeter Rare. It had less chocolate than the rare but more sweetness

    Brandy was solid but didn't stand out compared to the others.

    The De Muerte smelled horrid as it was really vegetal and burnt. It didn't taste as bad as it smelled but it made it more of an average beer. It reminded me of the Brandy with chocolate, caramel and vanilla sweetness, yet it had a small amount of heat and then green pepper vegetal qualities that just didn't fit.

    Other beers to note. SR 2 is a pretty solid Gueuze. It is really tart with lots of lemon and white vinegar but really no signs of funk. The Shaggy was like drinking Cinnamon pretzels from Auntie Anne's. Lots of brown sugar but really not much barrel presence for a beer aged as long as that one was.
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  33. DelMontiac

    DelMontiac Advocate (725) Oklahoma Oct 22, 2010

    Even the baby wasn't gonna miss this one. Do ya blame him?
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  34. mouseman007

    mouseman007 Aficionado (120) Ohio Jan 28, 2010

    Had a tasting on Friday night with a few people
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  35. Pretty solid tasting/bottleshare tonight, while we were brewing a couple of batches of beer. A Surly Abrasive is missing from the photo, along with probably a couple of other beers.

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  36. [​IMG]
    Special Thanks to Hopsmatt for inviting me over to try a few. Awesome tasting!
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  37. CircusBoy

    CircusBoy Savant (330) Ohio Mar 10, 2008


    Here was our entire lineup, nothing too amazing but had a few good ones and a few duds as well...

    Ommegang Rare VOS
    Ommegang Hennepin
    Ommegang Three Philoshophers
    Bud Black Crown
    Yuengling Lager
    Batch 19
    Wienstaphaner Hefeweissbier
    Goose Island Fluer
    Chimay Red
    Chimay Blue
    Shadow Wild Black
    New Belgium Fat Tire
    Sierra Nevada Tumbler
    Smuttynose Old Dog Brown Ale
    Shorts Good Humans Brown Ale
    Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
    Stone Arrogant Bastard
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
    Flying Dog Pearl Necklace
    Founders Imperial Stout
    Stone Pale Ale
    Rogue Juniper Pale Ale
    Rivertown Hop Bomber
    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier
    King Cobra

    Nothing to epic, was for my birthday so only a couple other people there drank craft beer on a regular basis. Turned out good though as most of the BMC drinkers enjoyed a lot of the beers. Yes, those are 40s in the pic.
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  38. nogidrew86

    nogidrew86 Savant (250) Nevada Aug 16, 2010


    Had a tasting in our EBF groups hotel room due to being stuck inside from Nemo. This partaker ended the night early but didn't want anyone opening his HF while he was asleep!
  39. Dont have a picture but I had a small 5 bottle tasting with a fellow BA on saturday. The lineup consisted of:

    BCS Cherry Rye
    2011 Hunahpu
    2012 Marshal Zhukov
    2012 Behemoth
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