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Prairie Bomb Wax Color Signifigance

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by IWannaEatFood, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. IWannaEatFood

    IWannaEatFood Savant (300) California Apr 25, 2013 Verified

    I just got my first Bomb in trade. I've seen Red and Gold. Mine showed up without wax.

    What's the significance of the color or lack of wax?

  2. cfaulman

    cfaulman Savant (400) Wisconsin May 1, 2013 Verified

    Usually Gold= Batch1, Red=Batch2, and Blue=Batch3. I don't know what the significance of yours showing up without wax is though; never seen that before.
  3. nc41

    nc41 Champion (770) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Verified

    The guy should have told you wax was missing before he shipped. I might have passed on it, you never know who your dealing with unless it's a repeat trade partner.
  4. Rollzroyce21

    Rollzroyce21 Champion (860) California Oct 24, 2009 Verified

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  5. So I got some this week without wax in a trade as well, my trading partner said that he bought them in Arkansas, and since they cant legally sell singles they came in a 4 pk and the bottles were not waxed.

    Anyone else see this?
  6. SanFranJake

    SanFranJake Champion (980) California Nov 2, 2012 Verified

    I've bought four or five in SF and they all had red wax.
  7. PerHops

    PerHops Savant (390) California Apr 5, 2011 Verified

    4 packs of prairie bomb?! I want one! Seems a little suspicious, but who knows....
  8. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Advocate (735) Virginia Jan 27, 2013 Verified Subscriber

    Email the company and see if they are aware of this. This would be a sure fire way to find out if they make them without wax.
  9. 82300sd

    82300sd Aficionado (200) California Dec 24, 2012 Verified

  10. Just wish I knew which batch I had
  11. jcdgoad

    jcdgoad Aficionado (195) Arkansas Sep 11, 2008

    I work for Prairies Arkansas distributor. Because Arkansas law prohibits single bottle sales lower than 16.9 oz we were shipped Bomb in 4 packs without wax. These bottles came from Batch 2 which I believe had the red wax. Be not afraid these are real bottles of Prairie Bomb.........About 1200 bottles were sold this way in Arkansas.
  12. PerHops

    PerHops Savant (390) California Apr 5, 2011 Verified

    Also iso bomb 4 pack! What's the price on this?
  13. thewrongtone

    thewrongtone Savant (415) Texas Oct 15, 2006

    They're $28/4pk in AR.

    I miss my home...
  14. SchuStar

    SchuStar Savant (330) Illinois Mar 21, 2011 Verified

    Does the batch number really matter? I've never had a Prairie Bomb. Does any of the flavors fall off after awhile?
  15. tronto

    tronto Savant (260) Kentucky Dec 22, 2010 Verified

    I've had gold and red wax. I found much more pepper in the gold (1st batch) than the red.
  16. SchuStar

    SchuStar Savant (330) Illinois Mar 21, 2011 Verified

    Thanks for the info.
  17. capnamerica

    capnamerica Savant (385) Arkansas Feb 19, 2013 Verified

    Do you know the differences from batch to batch?
  18. I bought a 36 bottles in AR, none had wax. Prairie replied to a post on Facebook about it, confirming the above, that AR was not waxed.
  19. SchuStar

    SchuStar Savant (330) Illinois Mar 21, 2011 Verified


    Let's talk.
  20. So far my favorite batch is the recently released Blue wax from OK, I've had fresh multiples of each release and the latest has the most amazing coffee flavor that the others don't. I'll be hanging on to my last gold wax, but I'm shipping all my red out for blues lol.
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  21. Tyrus

    Tyrus Savant (255) California Jan 17, 2013

    I've had Red, Gold, Pink, and no wax, and wondered this as well... all from trades - I'm in CA.
  22. hey5hitgoose

    hey5hitgoose Savant (350) Illinois Feb 28, 2013 Verified

    its true
  23. NeedBeerHere

    NeedBeerHere Initiate (0) Minnesota Nov 21, 2013

    Mine seems to have pink wax. Any idea what that means? Is that just me misinterpreting the color? Does each batch and color signify a different year? Man what an awesome beer!!! How hard is this beer to get? Is it shelf beer in some areas or is it pretty tough to come by? I got a bottle from a nice BA from Texas who came up and I offered to show him around to as many local stores as he had tome to hit. The other beer he gave me (Saint Arnold Bishops 5) was off the hook too. Two of the nicest new beers I have tasted in a LONG time.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2013
  24. EB1

    EB1 Advocate (505) California Aug 18, 2013 Verified

    Pink is newest batch. Gold -> Red/no Wax -> Blue -> Pink.
  25. NeedBeerHere

    NeedBeerHere Initiate (0) Minnesota Nov 21, 2013

    How hard is it to come by in the areas of distribution?
  26. jshusc

    jshusc Champion (920) South Carolina Aug 16, 2013 Verified

    The bottles I've had have silver/grey wax.
  27. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Advocate (670) Missouri May 11, 2012 Verified

    Sad Bomb hasn't hit here yet. The other Prairie beers we've gotten so far have been great though
  28. MWolverines66

    MWolverines66 Savant (420) New York Mar 13, 2013 Verified

    Anyone know the year for the white wax?
  29. assuming white is the most recent release??? know its gone gold, red, blue, pink, orange so far...
  30. BeerBaron666

    BeerBaron666 Savant (385) California May 13, 2009 Verified

    orange has been my favorite batch so far. also had pink blue and red.
  31. thewrongtone

    thewrongtone Savant (415) Texas Oct 15, 2006

    I think some of the pink wax batches came out very light and are mistaken for white wax. That is my understanding.
  32. PapiFuego

    PapiFuego Aficionado (125) New York Aug 20, 2013

    I'm kind of a newbie, but the four I acquired have orange wax on them. What is the significance of the orange wax?
  33. Rotero24

    Rotero24 Savant (315) California Aug 6, 2013 Verified

    most recent batch made
  34. PapiFuego

    PapiFuego Aficionado (125) New York Aug 20, 2013

    Thank you.
  35. nflmvp

    nflmvp Savant (360) Wisconsin Sep 8, 2003 Verified

    Someone line these up by release dates if possible.

    Please and thank you.
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  36. spoonsock

    spoonsock Aficionado (245) California Nov 25, 2013 Verified

    They seem to have now moved on to putting a plastic seal around them, as well as the bible belts.
  37. mike312

    mike312 Savant (295) New York Apr 23, 2013 Verified

    I just traded for a 4 pack from Arkansas; no wax. No plastic seal. However, the cap is legit and does not appear to be "recapped" (cap is clean and unscathed).
  38. mike312

    mike312 Savant (295) New York Apr 23, 2013 Verified

    My trading partner in Arkansas said they have cases of it at his local beer store. Let me know if you want the reference.
  39. Grantotx

    Grantotx Savant (270) Texas Apr 25, 2014 Verified

    in texas some are not waxed