Praise for Bottleworks

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Smurf2055, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Smurf2055

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    So I'm going to give a positive shout out to Bottleworks. A few people have posted about their negative experience with them, so I want to share some positives. I've honestly never had a bad experience with them (seems the biggest complaint is the service), and hit them up pretty frequently because I can walk there. Their draft menu tends to be a bit pricy, but that stuff is usually also stuff you might not see anywhere else. They put their new "it" bottles they get in on the front counter where anyone can get them, and randomly put out stuff from their cellar into the coolers for more aware people to pick out. It's a nice shop with a knowledgeable staff. Are they the BEST bottleshop in the Seattle area? Depends on what you are looking for, but they are up there. Are they worth checking out at some point? Absolutely.
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  2. Seconded. I love me some bottleworks.
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  3. waltersrj

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    I love Bottlework's! Big shout out to all the employees there as they are always helpful when you ask them questions. I know Seaghan and Trevor more than the other employees and want to say thanks for all they do to make BW a fantastic bottleshop. I love the new bottles on the counter, their "vintage" cooler, the awesome barleywine and large format cooler in the back, and all the cellared stuff they put out randomly (got a Deviation last week). You guys are great, keep it up!

    Also, the SBW "Cellar Event" there was phenomenal and I sincerely hope they do it again next year!

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  4. Mages64

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    Gabe is an ass
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  5. RedMedicine

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  6. I've only had a bad visit and that was years ago, other than that I agree that the bwine fridge and vintage selection is tits. Too bad they are out of the way, I'd visit more often. Oh, why doesn't someone down south here do like those guys....ahem Matt... :)
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  7. Fingers crossed that it looks anything like that 13 years down the road......... (cellar is slowly growing:D)
  8. draheim

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    They've got a ridiculously deep cellar, I'll give them that. It's the only place where I've had a free glass of Deviation poured from a 3L bottle by a guy who has a HotD beer named after him, or gotten a glass of FW14 poured by David Walker himself—let alone walked in on a random Tuesday to find Pliny the Younger on tap or a few bottles of Matt or Deviation sitting unassumingly in the cooler. I think by now they've established their place in Seattle craft beer history. This might overstate things, but the whole Bottleworks/Brouwers/Burgundian triad has an air of empire about it—which is part of what makes it seem kind of cool.

    I admit though, I prefer a few other places for overall ambience and customer service, those black curtains and whatever the hell music they're usually playing sometimes make me feel like I just walked into my imaginary stoner step-brother's subterranean apartment. And there's a distinct smell about the place, probably just a combination of old musty building, mold, and years of spilled beer. Probably wouldn't kill them to spend a few thousand on some upgrades and renovations, but that's just me. For a beer noob the place can be kind of intimidating somehow (I've had the same feeling whenever I've walked into Gregg's Greenlake Cycle), but the staff have generally been helpful if perhaps just a llittle standoffish.
  9. BuckeyeOne

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    I've noticed you often mispellling his name but let it go since who really cares (except maybe the man himself). But since this is a BW-specific post, I'd thought I'd let you know his name is spelled Shaughn.
  10. waltersrj

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    Oh snaps...I was informed his name was spelled in the manner that I posted it in. Now I know...thanks lol.
  11. BillHilly

    BillHilly Savant (410) Washington Oct 17, 2010

    I've been there like 20 times, always seem to miss the goodies...never had service issues, just seem to have bad timing for the cellar beers.
  12. BillHilly

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    I finally hit them on a good day today!
  13. bfg75

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    What was there?
  14. Saw the bottleworks VII (issaquah) imperial stout on the shelf, grabbed a few Pliny, passed on the 21.99 tart of darkness and was happy to see logsdon in WA
  15. distantmantra

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    Tart of Darkness sounds delicious...
  16. Fuck the Bruery and their price points. Yeah, I said it. Most of their beer is mediocre which makes bottles even more "passable"
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  17. csano

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    Oude Tart is great. And that one will be hitting distribution later this month/next.
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  19. I am sure Julian will agree with the OPs post ;)
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  20. Best bottle shop in Washington IMO!
  21. ChrisPro

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    I'll go ahead and add some props to Bottleworks as well. The guys there have been great to me almost every time I've been there since I first visited back in '05 or '06. As a local, just getting into craft years ago, they were phenomenal steering my in the right direction for tastings or just at-home consumption. And their guidance continued as I was more educated and got more into beer. And the couple times I've been back since I moved away, they always manage to find something unique or special to show off and send me home with.

    I think it's difficult to cater to both newbies and experienced beer geeks, but they have managed to do it well for years. I just wish I still lived there to take advantage of it more often! Definitely the best shop in WA, and one of the best couple of shops in the U.S. hands down.
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  22. Jaap

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    That's what keeps me coming back for sure. The day I walked in to find Matt sitting in the cooler just made my day!
  23. If you don't like Bw you don't like beer.
    Bottleworks ftmfw!
  24. Rutager

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    Have to agree with the majority here. I've visited BW at least a dozen times and have had nothing but great experiences. Always find something interesting and the service has been fantastic. Not pushy or even forward, but always helpful. I was even given two Lost Abbey Teku glasses with a purchase of around $150 about a year ago. Things like that go a long way for me. Always the first beer store I hit when visiting Seattle.
  25. I love Bottleworks!