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Problem with shipping beer from US to Canada

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Dontcounttoday, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Crosspost from trading

    I ship UPS, and I pack nice and neat, without any real likelihood that you would hear the bottles or liquid. This was my first time shipping to Canada though but my tradee insisted he has done several trades all with no issues at all. I had to list the items as candles because they insisted I give a description and all. It also cost a ton of money to ship from Chicago. Well this morning I wake up to check the status and it is this:

    There is an inadequate description of the merchandise. More documentation required.

    I did give all my contact info so I expect I will receive a phone call though I do not know for sure. Whats process am I looking at dealing with here? Anyone have a similar experience shipping to CA? I imagine that there is no point in lying any longer (or should I never admit I knew there was beer lol). Options!
  2. I wouldn't admit to shipping beer. Technically if all your info is there they should call you before opening a package? Stick with your story and maybe add "antique"
  3. Yeast samples in water for home brewing is your best bet, say it's not for consumption. What province was this packaging going to?
  4. I like everyone's suggestions however its already shipped and labeled. I can say that it was mislabeled and not by my own fault, though i did sign the packing form. I can change it up all you want but if they opened the package it is very clearly beer and I dont think telling them "no no no, its just yeast samples in water" is going to save me. I do not know though.

    It is going to Quebec.
  5. 'Collectable glassware' is your best bet. And UPS seems to present the most issues of any courier when doing international shipments.
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  6. OK I called the international shipping department of UPS and they asked just for more description of the contents. Following advice from several places (Such as here) I told her that I believe the young man at the UPS store did not ask for enough information, and provided her with a Harmonized Code - 701310 - "Of glass-ceramics" and a general description of "collectible glassware." She added all the info, and asked for my contact info and also if I had the receiver's phone number, which I did not provide. I do not know why they would be talking to that person, but I would hope it is only to ask him to come pick it up. They then said that someone would likely get back to me by tomorrow morning. Don't know what it all means
  7. Had a similar problem, I was sending to US from Canada.

    I used UPS, wrote Collective glassware on the commercial invoice. My box got flagged. Call them, they told me it was being investigated by US agency. Call them back, told them I made a mistake and ship the wrong box with beer in it. Ask them to send back the box to me. They did. Resend using Canada Post/USPS. Went throw without any problems.

    Within a month, I sent 10 boxes to US:

    UPS: 1, got ceased and returned
    Fedex: 1 success
    Canada Post/USPS: 8 success

    At any cost, stay away from UPS for International trade. BM me for any other questions, I'd become an expert in it!
  8. I thought most people advise against using USPS since it is against federal law to ship alcohol and USPS is a federal agency.

    However if all else fails, hopefully I can convince them I shipped the wrong box and to send it back as well. Thats $40 down the drain but better than losing it.
  9. It is illegal to ship alcool from Canada or to Canada anyway! ;)
  10. I was thinking about asking for assistance from a UPS forum for employees, hoping that someone would be willing to tell me what to expect at least. However I am equally afraid some asshole who thinks that preserving the integrity of his profession means turning me in will screw me over even worse.
  11. Sweet baby Jesus the package is now In Transit and on time! I received a call from a blocked phone number and didnt answer, but no message was left. I assume it was UPS or Customs calling me to tell me its all clear, though they left no message. I am just happy that a crisis is averted.

    Stand down, BA. Stand down.
  12. Spoke too soon it seems. Another issue. Additional Clearing Agency information or documentation is required for clearance.

    We shall see if they call me and what is going to happen now. Its been a rollercoaster kinda day
  13. Exactly the same thing happen to me. It went to transit status on time and then after went back to exception. My advice. Call them, let them know you sent the wrong box, that one contain alcool. Ask them to send the box back. Hopefully it will work like it did for me

  14. Collectible glassware/Kitchenware, UPS, no issues...
  15. It seems as though the packages that go through the North Dakota - Manitoba border crossings get nailed more often than not. That said, it's just based off of a few data points I've collected.
  16. thought about ordering from the US. i phear the border hoarders.

    i know that a certain belgian brewer ships it overseas as "yeast samples" and claims to have zero issues. not sure how that works with bottles with labels, though....
  17. Regardless of what you label the package as, if it gets inspected you are almost always screwed. They will either throw it out (keep it) or ship it back to you at your expense. Labeling smartly, packing neatly, including all paperwork correctly filled out, and choosing the right courier is what will get you through the border it seems.

    When I shipped, I did not make a premade label. I went in to drop off the box, had to think of what to call the contents on the spot, and I gave an estimated number of bottles of 10. Also he asked what I wanted to declare the price, I said just put it at whatever the lowest option is, to which he said "OK $100." He happened to put it in the system as $100 for each 10 items. There were also 14 items which didnt help. So customs called me to verify pricing and amount and it appears to have gone through thank god, but I got lucky. Don't play it by ear, plan it out meticulously and I think you will have a much easier time than I.

    Also, use the info here: http://biergotter.org/intltips.shtml
  18. keep us post, we want to know if it will finally make it!
  19. It currently says In Transit but the delivery has been pushed back a day. Heres where I am so far, fingers crossed:

    Lachine, QC, Canada 03/21/2012 11:32 A.M.
    Package data processed by brokerage. Waiting for clearance. / Receiver's customs broker has been assigned. The shipment is now released to move in transit.

    03/21/2012 11:15 A.M.
    Registered with Clearing Agency / Shipment submitted to Clearing Agency

    03/21/2012 11:15 A.M.
    Registered with Clearing Agency

    Lachine, QC, Canada 03/20/2012 7:27 P.M.
    Import Scan

    Fredericton, NB, Canada 03/20/2012 6:22 P.M.
    Additional Clearing Agency information or documentation is required for clearance.

    Lachine, QC, Canada 03/20/2012 3:01 P.M.
    Arrival Scan

    Fredericton, NB, Canada 03/20/2012 7:33 A.M. There is an inadequate description of the merchandise. More documentation required.
  20. I think you'll be OK!! Hopefully!
  21. Got through great, thanks everyone!
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  22. Is this an issue with Americans trying to ship alcohol or an issue with Canadians importing alcohol without authorization of a governing body? I was always hoping to order some Belgian beers off websites, but now I'm curious if it's legal for me, a Canadian, to do so. I would so love to be able to order some great beers from Europe, etc.
  23. If you buy beer on line and it is discovered to be beer by Canada Customs, it will be confiscated. Being Canadian doesn't make a difference.
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  24. Lame. So we aren't allowed to do anything that interferes with the monopoly of crappy retailers such as the LCBO (and possible taxing potential). What a great way to ruin beer for everyone who wants to try something outside of an already too small box. :mad:
  25. alefish

    alefish Savant (250) New Jersey Jan 26, 2012

    Does anyone know which is the least expensive of the two? Fedex and USPS.
  26. Wow, thought this was an entirely new thread and read through almost all of the posts before noting my post in it. LOL. I think they are similar in price but I would stick with FedEx to reduce your chances of the box being seized.
  27. Usps for sure
  28. alefish

    alefish Savant (250) New Jersey Jan 26, 2012

    So, Fedex is the safest and USPS is the cheapest.
  29. Where are you shipping to? Exact city / province would help us narrow down your chance of seizure...
  30. I would say UPS is safest. Seeings how 2 shipments from FedEx just recently got sent back... (BC)
  31. What? Details please...
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  32. alefish

    alefish Savant (250) New Jersey Jan 26, 2012

    Dorval, QC H9S 0A3
  33. Not actually shipments sent to BC, but, 1 recent trade and 1 beer order that I had shipped to Pt Roberts via FedEx were returned to sender. Apparently when packages are shipped to Pt Roberts they are scanned as they pass through Canada. Both boxes were opened and sent back. Now I ship to Blaine or Bellingham (no border crossing)

    However, a trade last summer of 12ish bombers made it into Canada fine shipped direct to Vancouver...

    I mention UPS is safer because many orders to Pt Roberts using UPS have been fine for me and friends.
  34. I've had better luck with USPS on incoming packages, but any option is risky when you're crossing the border. My boxes always seemed to make it down to the US just fine (via Canada Post), but that was also just luck most likely.
  35. Wow! They actually sent it back? Canada customs seized and destroyed my boxes coming in from the U.S. in the past...
  36. yup sent all the way back to Florida. got it resent and picked it up last week thanks to an awesome BA in Bellingham :D
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  37. alefish

    alefish Savant (250) New Jersey Jan 26, 2012

    Why do I have to fill out a commercial invoice to send a gift via Fedex?
  38. Mainly to declare contents and value for Canada Customs I believe...
  39. It's a broad spectrum form to describe what you're shipping and it's worth.
    I always mark is as "Collectible Glassware For Display Pourposes" Harmonized code 7013.10

    Almost 20 boxes into the states through Fedex and 0 issues.

    If anyone wants my pre filled commercial invoices for reference send me a PM
  40. If you send using Canada Post (To the US) you don't even have to fill a commercial invoice, only specify what you are sending and the country its from directly on the label!