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Comment Pronunciation Guide

Discussion in 'Site' started by pjs234, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. pjs234

    pjs234 Advocate (740) Connecticut Jun 29, 2008

    I think it would be helpful if this site had a section with a pronunciation guide... Recently, I was traveling and was going to a bar that had Cantillon. I didn’t want to sound like an idiot by mispronouncing when I ordered, so I spent 30 minutes searching the BA forums for how to pronounce this, with mixed results. Then googled it and was able to find an audio file that had the proper pronunciation. I could have saved a bunch of time if there was a place on this site to find this.

    I figure that there are plenty of words that get slaughtered in the beer world (i.e., Cantillion, gueuze, Lagunitas) that could be included. This section could have the old school pronunciation re-spelling and an audio file of someone saying it correctly.

    Of course words with disputed pronunciations (i.e., Pliny) would be a separate discussion, although I suppose you could just have both options.
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  2. beerking

    beerking Aficionado (120) Illinois Mar 17, 2012

    Would you mind posting the google audio file ?
  3. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (870) Michigan Mar 20, 2012 Verified

    Weihenstephaner comes to mind. I usually just say it as fast and mumbly as I can. Hopefully the bartender understands what I'm trying to say. Otherwise I have to look like a tool and point to the menu.
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  4. kevanb

    kevanb Champion (810) Illinois Apr 4, 2011 Verified Subscriber

    CAN - TEE - YAWN
    LAH - GOO - KNEE - TAS
    GOO - ZUH
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  5. How is there dispute of the pronunciation of Pliny? That was a fairly common name. And it's well known how his(as in Elder and Younger) name was pronounced.
  6. Zach136

    Zach136 Advocate (610) Georgia Jun 17, 2012 Verified

    Great thread.

    Other requests:
    • De Dolle
    • Drie Fonteinen
    • Slaapmutske
    • Ommegang (How is the "gang" supposed to be pronounced)
  7. Close...most people don't realize that the "steph" should be "SHteph". And personally, I actually say it like this..
  8. pjs234

    pjs234 Advocate (740) Connecticut Jun 29, 2008

    Thought I found one... I think what I actually found was a Youtube review of the beer, where the way the reviewed said it most closely resembled the pronunciation re-spelling... either way, a simple audio file with just the word in question shouldn't be that hard to do.

    Here is the video... not endorsing the people performing the review... just used it to hear Cantillon... see 0:54 second mark

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  9. pjs234

    pjs234 Advocate (740) Connecticut Jun 29, 2008

    Do a quick seach in the formums... there are quite a few threads on this one. Basically, it's whether it's a short "I", or a long "I"
  10. Siggy125

    Siggy125 Advocate (590) California Nov 10, 2006 Verified

    I think it's pronounced Gaius Plinius Secundus
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  11. kevanb

    kevanb Champion (810) Illinois Apr 4, 2011 Verified Subscriber

    DEH - DOH - LUH

    OHM - MEH - GONG


    3F has a lot of debate

    DREE - FON - TA - NAH

    DREE - FON - TAY - NEN
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  12. Oh I see.. I didn't know people debated this actually. Well the philosopher Plinys name came from the Latin Plinius , which was pronounced Ply - nee -us. Even though I've heard the name with a short I. In reference to the Pliny The Elder. It's with a Long.
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  14. ZPag

    ZPag Aficionado (105) New York Dec 3, 2012

    OHM MEH GANG is the pronunciation.I can guarantee you that is how they at the brewery pronounce it when they give their tours and tastings. It isn't gong.
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  15. AxesandAnchors

    AxesandAnchors Savant (300) Oregon Nov 21, 2012

    I think this would make more sense if it was included on the breweries page rather than in a separate section of the site. I like the idea of showing the names phonetically, but the audio file may be a bit overkill. Good topic.
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  16. kevanb

    kevanb Champion (810) Illinois Apr 4, 2011 Verified Subscriber

    I'll take a stab at this one

    SHEE - AH - YOU
    EH - TEE - KETTA
    OH - RO

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  17. Can't wait to order a slaps moose kuh!
  18. Aha! Try this for Cantillon!
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  19. hopswap1

    hopswap1 Savant (480) Illinois Apr 27, 2012 Verified

    How about sucaba? Tried to order it at a bar and it took a while for the waitress to know what I was trying to order!
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  20. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (390) Illinois May 1, 2012 Verified

    Merriam-Webster disagrees: Pliny
  21. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (605) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Verified

    vinnie cilurzo should be pronounced VINE-EE-KILL-OOR-ZOH ;)
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  22. True thats how its usually pronounced in English dictionaries. However Latin and English are different. I had to take Latin classes and it's always pronounced plY NEE.. However many times plinius is pronounced Plin EEE us...But i've never heard a latin teach or in documentaries pronounce it PLIN ee... guess just one of those things, that could go either..

    I'll continue to use PlY-nee though
  23. SOO-KAH-buh ?? never thought about that.. I assumed thats what it was
  24. johnyb

    johnyb Champion (815) Florida Aug 11, 2012 Verified

    Westvleteren....How you say ???
  25. BILF

    BILF Advocate (725) Israel Jan 9, 2010

  26. zach60614

    zach60614 Savant (390) Illinois May 1, 2012 Verified

    My academic experience has been the exact opposite.
    I have never heard any professor say ply-nee.
  27. maybe UCD let me down...there was a lot of beer drinking going on...and none of it craft
  28. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (605) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Verified

    most people today pronounce latin incorrectly. c.f. alumni, alumnae; caesar; veni, vidi, vici
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  29. Zach136

    Zach136 Advocate (610) Georgia Jun 17, 2012 Verified

    I believe it is:

    Nope I'm wrong, see below
  30. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (870) Michigan Mar 20, 2012 Verified

    I've always said

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  31. tai4ji2x

    tai4ji2x Advocate (605) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2007 Verified

    west-VLAY-turren (last two syllables are almost turned into a single "-tren", and the "w" is not quite a "v" like in german, but not really an english "w" either.)
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  32. It's the latter pronunciation for 3F.
  33. RR calls it ply-nee. Thats what matters. They sell a baby onesie that says "Tiny Pliny" on it. Case closed.
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    It's CAN-TEE-LEE-YAWN or CAN-TA-LOON, like looney tunes.
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  35. LeRose

    LeRose Advocate (630) Massachusetts Nov 24, 2011 Verified

    So....we all pronounce things correctly and the server still goes WTF?
  36. I remember back when I was in Buffalo, one time I was in the beer section at Wegmans and one random girl just said "did these guys just make an oh my god beer?"
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  37. GennyCreamAle

    GennyCreamAle Initiate (0) New York Feb 25, 2009

    Should be GOSE-UH, where GOSE rhymes with ROSE
  38. OregonHopmonster

    OregonHopmonster Savant (320) Oregon Jan 15, 2011 Verified

    I though Gose was pronounced GOSE-UH. According to Michael Jackson the closest English approximation to Gueuze is to say the word "cursor" but starting with a "g", though I have never anyone pronounce it this way.
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  39. How about Nogne?
    I've been told it is NUG - NE - YA