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Questions about Stag

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by tito42, May 4, 2013.

  1. tito42

    tito42 Aficionado (215) Missouri May 7, 2010

    So, I'm enjoying a Stag for the first time in my life. Actually very good as far as the AAL style goes. So who brews this now and is it really limited to MO, IL, and AR? The can still says G. Heileman Brewing Co. in Milwaukee, but BA says it's brewed by Pabst in IL now. Anyone know the 2013 scoop on this beer?
  2. atomic

    atomic Savant (455) Illinois Sep 22, 2009

    Not sure about stag, but if its like pabst and old style, then its Milwaukee.
  3. Pabst bought most of the G. Heileman brands when Stroh went out of business in 1999 (Stroh bought Heileman in the mid-1990's). The Pabst brands are mostly brewed in MillerCoors breweries, usually the closest one to the brand's original distribution area. You can find out which brewery by looking at the date code, line two. The first letter is the day of the week (A=Monday) and the next two digits are the brewery, as listed here:
    No, while the BA listing for Pabst has not been updated (the new owners moved the headquarters to LA, CA), it doesn't say the beers are brewed in IL. That was merely Pabst's headquarter city (one of several since the closing of the Milwaukee brewery in the '90's), and as the BA's listing for Pabst Brewing Co. notes "Beers are brewed at / by another brewery."
  4. LAD

    LAD Aficionado (195) Texas Apr 16, 2008

    I wonder how old that can is if it says Heilman, Milwaukee? What are the date codes on the can?
    If you like Stag, and its of recent vintage, try Old Milwaukee,Schmidt's or Black Label. As of a few years ago they were all the same beer.
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  5. Don't many of the "dba" brewery names used by Pabst for the Miller-brewed beers use "Milwaukee, WI" as their city on the label? (Heileman, of course, was originally in Lacrosse, WI).

    Even Ballantine and Schaefer are labeled as "Falstaff Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI" or "Schaefer Brewing Co. Milwaukee, WI" even though neither brewers ever had a brewery there.

    Some of the Pabst West Coast and Texas brands - Oly, Rainier, Lone Star, Pearl) do use closer Miller cities like Ft. Worth and Irwindale, CA.
  6. LAD

    LAD Aficionado (195) Texas Apr 16, 2008

    I'm sure you are right. I've been away too long.
  7. tito42

    tito42 Aficionado (215) Missouri May 7, 2010

    Best by 7/22/2013 stamped on the bottom of the can. I think it's widely distributed in MO and IL, but not much else. Brewery code would be "08," so Trenton, OH.
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  8. Most of Pabst's "major" brands now have their own website, with a "Locator" page. Unfortunately, no map, so you have to go through all the states in a region to find out which one have distributors that carry the particular brand.
    Stag Beer Locator (will have to go through the "Age Check" first).

    Yeah, tell me about it.;) I was discussing the current products my company makes (a nephew is about to buy a new car) and I had no idea what most of the models were even called anymore. OTOH, sometimes I still have dreams (well, kinda, nightmares) about the place...:eek:
  9. BlindSalimander

    BlindSalimander Savant (275) Texas Aug 16, 2010

    I read the history tab on the Stag website and it brought up an old name from brewing days gone by. Probably the best name ever in brewing.......Griesedieck. (Insert 3rd grade snickering laugh here)
  10. tito42

    tito42 Aficionado (215) Missouri May 7, 2010

    And Waldo Pizza is now saying Stag is being discontinued in the KC area. Great. This was going to be my new "cheap" beer.
  11. Chaz

    Chaz Champion (880) Minnesota Feb 3, 2002

    They are -at present- all ever-so-slightly different; take it from a guy who enjoys "Pabst brands" too regularly. :cool:
  12. kingofhop

    kingofhop Advocate (555) Oklahoma May 9, 2010

    Stag was one of my favorite AALs. Stronger than Coors, yet lighter than Budweiser. No longer around these parts. Came in stubbies, which is always a plus. 5 bucks a case, and somewhere around 89 cents a quart. High school would not have been the same without the mighty Stag.