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Raleigh Beer Week

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by fehrminator, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. So this is coming up soon. The "official" website was still under construction as of today (?). I found a blog with some events posted but it didn't include the Trophy beer dinner and looked pretty thin. There was mention of a Raleigh Beer Week beer festival but I couldn't find any details. I know that participating breweries are probably pretty busy just taking care of their own business but WTF? Can I get some details please? I want to go out drinking in Raleigh dammit! If anyone has details to share, please chime in. I need to fill in my dance card.
  2. Haven't heard much on this either. I did see that Trophy and Deep River have an imperial IPA collab dry hopped with Farm Boy Farm hops...looking forward to trying that. Best bet is probably to keep an eye on Busy Bee, Trophy, and Tasty Bev's Twitter feeds.
  3. Woodrow

    Woodrow Savant (270) North Carolina Jun 17, 2007

    Sorry for the delay. The website will be updated by tomorrow afternoon and there are some great events lined up. I'll try to post a list of events here in a few. We all helped brew a beer at Big Boss that all the venues will be tapping to kick beer week off: A Belgian Pale Ale w/ cherries aged in apple brandy barrels!
  4. Woodrow

    Woodrow Savant (270) North Carolina Jun 17, 2007

  5. It looks like some Great events, unfortunately for me; I'll be passing through Raleigh around noon on Friday 8-29 on the way to the beautiful NC Crystal Coast for LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Cheers
  6. Woody, that list looks great!
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  7. aug 29 and 31 jump out to me.
  8. No need to apologize. Just help me drink your beer! :) Thanks for the link.
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  9. So, what's the deal with the Raleigh Beer Week snifters? I could've sworn I read something that made me think I'd be able to take it home with me yesterday when I order the Mon Cheri on draft.
  10. I think it depends on the place. Trophy wasn't giving them away last night, but Bottle Revolution will today if you buy the Oskar Blues Vesuvius (via their facebook).
  11. Yesterday at noon, when I thought everyone would be giving away the snifters, I believe Bottle Revolution was the only place who did, and I think they only gave away some yesterday....and I've heard some say they might plan to sell them, as opposed to giving them away with a special draft.
  12. Woodrow

    Woodrow Savant (270) North Carolina Jun 17, 2007

    A lot of places will be giving them away as the week goes on. Most venues have 2 events so they're hanging onto them for both. We'll be giving some away at the Bee on Thursday! For other venues I think the best bet would be to reach out on social media to find out their plans.
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  13. I can't wait for your Barrel Aged Blowout!
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  14. Well that works....cause your Barrel-Aged Blowout is the event that I'm most looking forward to....so I'll hopefully get one then. Gotta keep the Raleigh Beer Week glass vertical going!
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  15. I'm hitting Brev then BB tomorrow. If you don't get a glass, let me know. I already got my glass on Sunday from Brev, so when I get one tomorrow I won't need it.
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  16. Thanks, but I actually got one at Bottle Revolution too...Vesuvius was quite tasty.
  17. Gotta give a shout-out to the Bee for their BA blowout last night. Wow. When Black Note is the worst beer that you drink, you're drinking pretty damn good. Substance Abuse was a solid A for me and every time I drink EvHo, I'm reminded that this is one of the best BA stouts in the world. Call me a homer but that stuff is awesome. Can we do this on a Friday or Saturday next year? Please?
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  18. Woodrow

    Woodrow Savant (270) North Carolina Jun 17, 2007

    Thanks! What an amazing turnout. We had a blast. As far as next year....there's typically a lottery for event dates/times, so we'll see!
  19. I agree...excellent event...car trouble kept me from getting there early enough to get a seat downstairs....so I fought for three glasses of Black Note, Substance Abuse, and Event Horizon and fled upstairs to enjoy them on the patio.

    I'm sure downstairs was a great party....but can't say I had a problem with drinking on three magnificent barrel-aged stouts while sitting outside on a beautiful afternoon/evening.
  20. I went with Black Note and Substance Abuse, wish I could've had more. The Bee is awesome.
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  21. From what I'm reading here and hearing from other BAs, Substance Abuse was a big hit. Are the turtles going to bottle this one?
  22. Had a great time. Had Bois, Black Note, and Event Horizon (the latter being my favorite of the evening). Guess I should have tried Substance Abuse - hadn't heard of that one before. On the other hand, I still have a bit of a headache as it is...
  23. RBW has been pretty sweet, here's what I've hit this past week...

    Mon - Bottle Rev, for Freak, Hot Pistol & Vesuvius w/glass - free pours early on. Really liked Vesuvius.
    Wed - Tasty Bev, for Saison Brett, WOOT Stout & SC - thought the WS was pretty good.
    Thu - Busy Bee, for Black Note, EvHo, Bois, Monk's Revenge, Peaotch & Substance Abuse - loved them all.

    Highlight of the week thus far has been the BA Blowout @ BB - that was quite the lineup! ...major props Woody.

    Will be hitting the Saucer tonight for the CELLARbration and that then will be putting a wrap on RBW for me.
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  24. There were "shipping delays" for the CBS, so according to everyone here at the Saucer, no CBS tonight.
  25. I thought it was a "cellarbration". Was the delay in bringing the CBS up from their own cellar? Calling BS on this. Boooooo!
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  26. I agree, I was pissed I dragged my wife there thinking there would be CBS & Sex Choc as advertised and they had neither. Instead they had Stone IRS & Ten Fidy, oh joy, how did you ever find those?! They are great beers but I have them in my cellar at home. Pretty BS move on the Saucers part in my opinion, lost a lot of respect for that place tonight.
  27. Yeah Flying Saucer kind of pissed me off too. Went for the CBS and there was none. Ordered the Duck Rabbit BA Baltic Porter. Was overcharged on the bill and when I asked about it they told me the price on the beer menu was a misprint. Bartender wouldn't just admit he put it in the computer wrong.
  28. Let's just call it what it was, it was an Epic Fail! CBS & SC were publicized at the Saucer for Raleigh Beer Week but were NOT available! Furthermore, there wasn't any notification of any kind through any social media site. Also, simply, the attitude and performance of not only about half of the wait staff, a few of the bartenders, but the manager, was beyond horrible. Additionally, I thought pricing was a bit of an issue on most items but the one that struck me most was $52 for a bottle of Bois. For RBW, the Saucer was easily the weakest link, they were way in over their head last night, and brought many people in under false pretenses. Unfortunately, this was probably my first and last time at this establishment.
  29. Totally agree. I rushed from a late dinner to get there before 9. Waited in line for maybe 10 minutes or so to find out there was no CBS or SC. I then let a person I was with order first, and when the bartender came back with his drink, he yelled at him because he turned away for a second.

    I should've ended my RBW at the Busy Bee Blowout.
  30. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Site Editor (960) North Carolina Dec 8, 2007 Staff Member

    Glad I skipped driving from Kernersville to Raleigh for the Flying Saucer - would have been annoyed to have the CBS advertised and not even available (not that I missed the pouring but that they never even had it).

    I remember when they first opened in Raleigh and they were a decent option but it appears not so much anymore with plenty of other better places in downtown Raleigh.
  31. This is the second year in a row that FS has pissed people off during Raleigh Beer Week - last year they were the venue that was releasing the RBW glass, with I believe Mango Habanero Dale's Pale Ale on cask. The RBW schedule said they'd be tapping it at 4 and when people got there they were told it wouldn't be tapped until 7. This year the wording of the schedule led people to believe that they were releasing beers that they had been saving (although who wants an 8 month old bottle of Hopslam), and then people were told that there were "shipping issues"....on Sexy Chocolate that's brewed 2 hours from here? Methinks that there was never a plan to have CBS or SC there at all...
  32. Sad to have missed out on Busy Bee on Thursday, but glad I didn't get sucked into that Flying Saucer debacle. Surprising they couldn't even manage Sexual Chocolate considering how many other spots had it earlier in the week (though not the vintage FS claimed). Proud of my current city.
  33. rgordon

    rgordon Savant (480) North Carolina Apr 26, 2012

    Well, someone fell asleep at the wheel, so to speak. Chronic sleeping while driving CAN be dangerous.
  34. Was there anything particularly good at the Flying Saucer event, in spite of the issues listed above?