Really digging Sam Adam's IPL.

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  1. I am with Handle, please disclose said SA hop bomb. And I know you know your stuff, was this measured or calculated?
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    I finally tried this and got a single bottle.

    Should have gotten a 6 pack. I love Hoponius Union but this is really good too.
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    I agree! That is such a tasty beer and one of the best by SA IMO.
  4. Did you click on the link --- "110IBU's" --- in my post? Samuel Adams Imperial Pilsner. A similar beer was released later - Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner (brewed at City Latrobe, and after BBC ended that contract and re-opened the Schaefer brewery in eastern PA, never brewed again AFAIK). Over 700 reviews, so obviously a well-distributed beer, easy to find beer while it existed.

    Really? Either way, wouldn't it qualify as a "hop bomb"? (Odd, no one seems to ask that question for any other brewery...) Well, I assume BBC as a 2m bbl. brewery can afford a lab, but I guess you'll have to ask them.
  5. I guess I was a little bleary eyed and missed the link. The IBU question I think is one that should be asked more often. I think too many brewers do their math while brewing and stand by the calculated number, which is typically higher(in some cases WAY higher) than the taste would indicate. I am guessing for all intents and purposes, unless it smells like you just cut open a pineapple, or the beer itself is stringent enough to peel paint off your car, hop bomb is not going to apply, regardless of your IBUs.
  6. Not sure if that is what I said - is possible though. I only find JA muddled when it has some age on it. As far as yeast profile, they are usually pretty darn clean - almost too clean for my taste in lager, but at least its a crisp finish.

    As far as SA IPL, I think this is one of the better SA beers I've had in some time. Enough hop character (flavor/bitterness) to overcome (but not cover up) the usual cloying finish I get from their lagers. The bit of pineyness is nice, would like to taste a bit more tropical/citrusy aspect though.
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    Even more reason for me to try and get my hands on some
  8. An IBU number by itself is not really a good indicator of the bitterness you will experience. Many, many variables are at play that effect how you perceive bitterness on your palate. Without knowing the types of malts, their % of use, attenuation, finishing gravity, mash temps, variety of hops used, dryhopping rates, etc. and know how to relate those variables to your palate its pretty much useless to the consumer - its more of a tool that allows brewers to obtain the balance they desire in a beer that has become marketing hubris for craftbeer.

    And SA Imperial Pilsner was a hop bomb - even when judged next to today's hop bombs.
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  9. Don't fall for the local hype. They are quite similar beers - when both are equally fresh, Hoponius may be (not very consistent imo) little bit hoppier, but put a month age on each and I'd rather have the SA. I think SA did a better job at getting lager/ipa hybrid flavor, I couldn't tell Hoponius was a lager unless someone told me.
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  10. I want to springboard on Longstaff’s comment of “getting lager/ipa hybrid flavor”.

    I was really expecting that Double Agent was going to taste just like an IPA. I mean, a lot of commercial IPAs are brewed with very clean ale yeasts and lager yeasts are the epitome of clean yeasts. So, Double Agent will just be a super clean IPA, right? Nope, it really is a lager/IPA hybrid. This is what I consider to be an American Pale Ale category beer. Sam Adams did an excellent job in making this beer.

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    My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to take long for the hops to drop off to the point to where they get hidden behind the malt. I wish it was a little less sweet. But super fresh, I really enjoyed it.
  12. “My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to take long for the hops to drop off …”

    I hear what you are saying. I have not had a non-fresh Double Agent (yet) but I am sure that I won’t enjoy drinking an ‘old’ Double Agent. I have a few bottles in my basement with a best by notch of August 2013. I recognize that Boston Beer Company uses ‘long’ best by dates for business reasons but the beer drinker in me gets irritated by timeframes like 6 months for hoppy beers.

    As I have discussed in the past, the ‘poster child’ for beers where the hops really fall of the cliff with time is Ithaca Flower Power. That beer is a remarkably different beer with one month of age on it (to my palate).

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    6 months is WAY too long for a best by date on styles that showcase hop character and Flower Power falls off fast. Agreed on all counts!
  14. I agree, I think the Lager fermentation really helps to express the hops characters. Probably one of the best 6-Pack beers they have done in recent memory.
  15. Yeah, I agree with you about measured and calculated IBU's, etc., but my point in quoting the number is that a brewer who notes that his beer "weighs in at over 100 IBUs " (as BBC says on their website about the SA HIP) intended it to be "hop bomb" - that does not negate the possibility that the "hop bomb" might be dude.

    Which Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner was not.
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    I liked it and have drunk 2 or 3 sixers of it but one of the hops in there gives me a slight petroleum (ever siphon gas ?) aftertaste...Zeus perhaps ?
  17. “ …ever siphon gas ?”

    Hmmm, I have a sneaky suspicion on how one person is dealing with high gasoline prices!?!;)

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    One of my favorite Sam Adams. I first had it with the Spring Thaw pack and have since bought a 6 and 12 pack.
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    You can take the boy out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of the boy ;)
  20. Bada Bing!;)

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    Never had or seen an IPL. Sounds like a pilsner to me. A hoppy, bitter lager. How are the two different?
  22. I really miss that beer. It was an instant favorite of mine and had I known it would only be out that one time I would have bought a lot more.
  23. "Dud", not "dude"! :eek: I screwed up the word play!
  24. Is this a hard to find style? I can easily pickup Latitude 48 and most other 'basic' SA styles locally...wouldn't figure this would be in a liquor store. Doesn't seem to be around my area at all.
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    I'm a bit of a lager junkie myself. I believe a well made lager will beat out a well made ale any day of the week. The lagering process adds a degree of drinkability i cant seem to find in any ale lately. Crazy how much tastes change in such a short time

  26. I agree. this brew is delicious, been consuming the 12 packs at an alarming rate! Hope this one stays on and cans would be nice too...
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    Did not like this at all.