Rebranding Artisan Brewery's Beer Competition

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by CwrwAmByth, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. What has happened?
    The name was mean't to have been chosen on the 17th of Feb
    So have they managed to stay Naked?
  2. PIPES now apparantly.

    Kinda sounds like a name for a hipster band.
  3. PIPES?!?
    Did the brewery cat come up with that one?
    I do hope it is an inside swindle job because the thought that someone has won
    shed loads of beer for that is just :mad:
  4. "Cleaning the PIPES...

    to the pile of great things loved and lost... so too this page of Bare Nakedness shall be banished to the flaming pits of corporate knobbers next week.

    We are upgrading our brand, sizing down the profile (for now) oh, and scaling up everything up thereafter. This will mean that a few of you will drop off the likable page that was (It's largely random, and, we've taken note of those culled and will be in touch shortly) - however if you're not a member of our main group over at Artisan Brewing Co.? You should join now! You know... to be safe."
  5. Steam Punk IPA coming soon? :cool: