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    Hi guys, we are just got the book The Rough Guide to Peru. I am curious if there's craft brewery in Lima ? and what kind of local beers are available. Obviously we're gonna be tracking a lot, but i have to have some sort of beer culture.
  2. No, I am not aware of any craft brewery in Lima, or in the entire country of Peru for that matter. I once found a small brewery in Tarapoto but they are now out of business. Your best bet is to stick to Cusquena.
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    There's not much, this was the best I found

    I brought beer with me to drink along the Inca Trail, Odins Tipple, couple bottles of Geroge and some Mikkeller Black Islay. I found a couple English pubs in Cuzco where you can get a decent bottle, but expect cheap shitty corn beers almost everywhere you go.
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    If you are going to Peru you should try Sierra Andina Brewery in Huaraz and Barbarian in Lima, Peru.

    Also coming soon to Lima, Peru is "Barranco Beer Company" in Barranco Lima will be opening June 2013.

    These are exciting times for Peruvian Craft Brew drinkers!!