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Recommendations for beers from Ohio unavailable in Illinois

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by mecummins, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. mecummins

    mecummins Savant (425) Illinois Nov 16, 2012

    A co-worker's wife is driving to Ohio next week and offered to pick up some beer for her husband and me. Does any one have any recommendations for beers that Ohio might have that I can't get here in Chicago?
  2. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    Listermann has some interesting beers.
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  3. CNelson013

    CNelson013 Disciple (50) Ohio Mar 14, 2012

    Fat heads, hoppin frog has some good stuff too.
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  4. Go to seekabrew.com there is a feature where you can compare the distribution of two states, see what they share and what is different, it's very cool
  5. gatornation

    gatornation Poobah (1,275) Minnesota Apr 18, 2007 Beer Trader

    BB1313 will have the answer Maybe Great Lakes?
  6. jampics2

    jampics2 Champion (850) Ohio Dec 19, 2008 Beer Trader

    Need to know what part of OH to answer.
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  7. Eastside151

    Eastside151 Savant (485) Ohio Jun 29, 2012 Beer Trader

    Pretty sure Great Lakes & Hoppin' Frog are distributed in Illinois. I would suggest Fatheads
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  8. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,120) Washington Sep 18, 2010 Beer Trader

    If only there were a regional forum that covered both of those states... ;)
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  9. GuzzLah

    GuzzLah Savant (445) Illinois Mar 2, 2013

    If Kuhnhenn isn't available in OH, then ask them to drive to Michigan. :)
  10. Pinioned

    Pinioned Savant (285) Kentucky Dec 16, 2012

    In the Cincy/N. Ky area, you have Listermann and Christian Moerlein.

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  11. SerialTicker

    SerialTicker Poobah (1,015) Michigan Jun 18, 2012 Verified

    I only had their Loonie Kuhnie on-tap, but dear God... has to be the most drinkable pale ale I've had. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME.
  12. meanmutt

    meanmutt Poobah (1,010) Ohio Feb 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    West Sixth IPA. It's from Kentucky...but only available in Kentucky and Ohio (Cincinnati area). Very tasty stuff.
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  13. GuzzLah

    GuzzLah Savant (445) Illinois Mar 2, 2013

    I think they are the only MI brewery that doesn't distribute to IL, but I wish they did. They have been in business for 10+ years and make really good beer, but haven't expanded like the others. Fortunately, I have a MI connection who sends me their beer occasionally. Never had a bad one and most have been very good.
  14. frazbri

    frazbri Advocate (705) Ohio Oct 29, 2003

    Fathead's Headhunter IPA, Brew Kettle White Rajah and Columbus Brewing's Columbus IPA are Ohio brews to look for. (not all are available all the time in every city in the state)
  15. Rockmill Brewing if you like Belgian styles. Their stuff is probably found only in central Ohio stores but I could be wrong.
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  16. JimDH

    JimDH Aficionado (235) Kentucky Feb 7, 2011

    Yeah, the city makes a big difference. White Rajah is available intermittently down in Cincinnati, unfortunately Columbus IPA isn't distributed there. Haven't had or sought Fatheads. I concur as to Columbus IPA--unfiltered and nicely balanced.
  17. Hopdaemon39

    Hopdaemon39 Savant (415) New York Dec 27, 2011

    Fat Heads Headhunter IPA and Great Lakes (anything really) and Hoppin Frog B.O.R.I.S. or D.O.R.I.S
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  18. Cynic-ale

    Cynic-ale Champion (910) Ohio Feb 21, 2013 Beer Trader

    What styles are you looking for or prefer?
  19. BB1313

    BB1313 Poobah (1,010) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    haha I would recommend GL, but I think they distribute to IL. I'll second The Brew Kettle White Rajah, Fat Heads Head Hunter, and Columbus IPA if you guys like IPAs. I'd recommend some Weyerbacher Insanity too, it just hit shelves.. I don't think Weyerbacher makes it to IL..
  20. HopCraverDave

    HopCraverDave Aficionado (185) Ohio Feb 20, 2013

    Fat Heads Head Hunter
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  21. BB1313

    BB1313 Poobah (1,010) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    We get their stuff here in NE Ohio.. they're awesome.. pricey, but awesome..
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  22. grandmeaulnes

    grandmeaulnes Savant (310) Ohio Oct 18, 2010 Beer Trader

    How has no one said Jackie O's?

    Definitely don't buy any Christian Moerlein.
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  23. GuzzLah

    GuzzLah Savant (445) Illinois Mar 2, 2013

    Troegs is in OH, but not IL.

    Get yo self some!
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  24. brewtus

    brewtus Savant (460) Ohio Dec 29, 2012 Beer Trader

    Columbus ipa is so easy to find and it's super solid. A lot of these aren't easy to get all over the state If they're by a shop that fills growlers... Bodhi will trump any Ohio beer IMHO.
  25. RayOhioFelton

    RayOhioFelton Champion (825) Ohio May 24, 2011 Beer Trader

    White Rajah is a must! Thirsty dog, brew kettle bombers of old 21 and red eyepa, fat heads head hunter and oompa loops and their blueberry beer...did I mention white rajah? It's lie Ohio's Pliny, heady topper or jai alai!
  26. patpbr

    patpbr Savant (485) Ohio May 25, 2005 Verified

    Christian Moerlein Northern Liberties IPA
  27. Chicago

    Chicago Aficionado (120) Illinois Mar 12, 2013

    Chicago has pretty much everything that's good, but beyond special releases from places like Jackie O's I'd say Fat Head's Headhunter IPA, Columbus IPA, and The Brew Kettle's White Rajah covers it.
  28. frazbri

    frazbri Advocate (705) Ohio Oct 29, 2003

    It might be easy to find in C-bus, but I've never seen either in NW Ohio.
  29. gpawned

    gpawned Advocate (510) Illinois Jun 5, 2012 Beer Trader

    Because the odds that the friend can just pick up some Jackie O's is pretty unlikely. But I like where your head is at.
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  30. Keffa

    Keffa Advocate (615) Ohio Jan 8, 2009 Beer Trader

    West Sixth is VERY, VERY solid:


    But as for other Ohio only stuff, Columbus IPA and Bodhi, Fat Heads Head Hunter, Brew Kettle White Rajah and Old 21, Rivertown Lambic. Those are my picks.
  31. BeerBuckeye

    BeerBuckeye Advocate (515) Ohio Oct 2, 2009 Beer Trader

    Others have covered "the big three": Fat Head's Head Hunter, Columbus IPA, and Brew Kettle White Rajah. Bodhi is only available on tap, but if he can get a growler, you can always do that.

    I don't know how distributed Ballast Point is in Illinois, but I know a friend of mine in Chicago always asks for Sculpin, so there is that.

    Would also recommend some of Thirsty Dog's stuff, especially Siberian Night, as well as Troegs, since there still seems to be quite a bit of Nugget Nectar floating around.
  32. mecummins

    mecummins Savant (425) Illinois Nov 16, 2012

    Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the recommendations.
  33. jeffdill

    jeffdill Aficionado (165) Ohio Apr 26, 2012

    Gotta reiterate what the others said. If she gets to Columbus definitely try to get some Columbus Brewing Bodhi from the brewpub, I think it's right up there with Heady as one of the best IPA's out there. Fat Heads Head Hunter and Brew Kettle White Rajah are also necessities.

    Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Anastasia is fantastic too though. It's only on growler though, maybe it's available at the brewpub in Zanesville? I doubt that's where she's going but hey, it's worth a mention.
  34. trbergman

    trbergman Savant (485) Illinois Nov 17, 2006 Verified

    It's available downstate, and coming to the Chicago area in May.
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  35. Cynic-ale

    Cynic-ale Champion (910) Ohio Feb 21, 2013 Beer Trader

    CBC's Creeper is out now if you like DIPAs.
  36. Pinioned

    Pinioned Savant (285) Kentucky Dec 16, 2012

    I have it on good authority that Rivertown's Lamibc and Gueze are good as well.
  37. Keffa

    Keffa Advocate (615) Ohio Jan 8, 2009 Beer Trader

    No, it's not available at the brewpub. The last place I knew that STILL had it was Weilands in Columbus. This most likely has changed by this point.

  38. beerhan

    beerhan Advocate (500) Ohio Apr 28, 2010 Beer Trader

    Columbus IPA was actually on tap for a good two months in northwest Ohio for hoptoberfest. Bottles never made it here but it has definitively been on draft.
  39. Short's does not distribute to IL.
  40. --Dom--

    --Dom-- Savant (425) Missouri Dec 22, 2012

    columbus ipa