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British Columbia Recommended beer spots in Vancouver

Discussion in 'Canada' started by lazarus25, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. lazarus25

    lazarus25 Disciple (50) Oregon Jun 4, 2012

    Hi all,

    I am headed up to Vancouver for a few days and am looking for a few beer bars and bottle shops to check out. I'll be staying downtown for the most part. Thanks...
  2. St. Augustines (Commercial Dr., easy access via Skytrain as it's across the street from the station) and Alibi room are the two most prominent craft beer stops. Alibi is a little more popular perhaps but I prefer St. Aug's myself. If IPA's are your favourite then Alibi is probably the better bet.

    Tap & Barrel across in Olympic Village is not too bad but not really a beer destination. Legacy Liquor store across the courtyard from it is a pretty good liquor store though, very big and with decent beer selection. Personally, I'd recommend picking up some brews from Parallel 49 and Driftwood (highly recommend P49's East Van with Love beer).
  3. Great time to be in Vancouver - spring sun finally here!

    For beer stores try the following (in order of my personal preference):
    • 16th Street (http://www.16thstreet.ca/Home/Home.aspx). This is in West Vancouver (across Lions Gate Bridge) about 10-15 min drive from downtown. Chris the owner is a great guy and carries a great selection of BC, Belgian and US beers.
    • Brewery Creek (http://brewerycreekliquorstore.com/). This is up main street - also about a 10-15 min drive from downtown. Generally considered the best beer store in Vancouver. It can be hard to find BC seasonal releases due to its popularity.
    • Viti Wine (http://www.vitiwinelagers.com/). Viti is convenietly downtown but is probably the most expensive of the bunch. I only go here for hard to find Quebec beers - they always have some Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel in stock - if you have not tried this brewery I would definitely recommend it.
    I agree with @JasonLovesBeer to seek out Driftwood and P49. P49 is a new micro brewery (http://parallel49brewing.com/) that has been putting out good beer. You can go to the brewery. If there also drop by Powel Street (http://www.powellbeer.com/) that is about a block away and is a new nano brewery. I would also recommend Lighthouse (Belgian Black, Red Siren) and Howe Sound.

    Lastly, seeing as you are coming from beer heaven drop me a pm if you are interested in a personal trade. I live downtown and have some good BC seasons on hand.
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  4. lazarus25

    lazarus25 Disciple (50) Oregon Jun 4, 2012

    Awesome. Thanks. I was definitely going to try the Alibi Room, but I'll definitely look into Parallel 49 and Driftwood as well.
  5. P49 only sells their own beer from their store front. They have growler fills and you can sample what they have on tap. Driftwood is actually located in Victoria. You will be able to find their beers in all stores (although seasonals sell out fast) and on tap.
  6. Alibi Room is your best bet downtown. Gastown in general is a great place for beer and food. Eating wise the Pourhouse is quite good and I've always found decent local beer there. Bitter is also a cool spot with a large bottle selection (pricey though).

    Brewery Creek, Legacy, Firefly, Viti are the best downtown stores. 16ST is just over the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, but it's worth the drive if you have a car. Go around 12-2pm or after 630pm and traffic wont be so bad. 15 min from downtown

    One new beer that just came out is From East Van With Love - a collab between P49 and Gigantic. It's a Maple Barell Aged Imperial Stout. Not sure if it made it's way to Oregon, but they still had lots at Brewery Creek.
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  7. Given that tax is included in the prices at Viti, I find it is the more reasonable between that and Brewery Creek. Brewery Creek has a much better selection, though. Viti is very hit-and-miss.
  8. distantmantra

    distantmantra Advocate (685) Washington May 23, 2011 Verified

    I'm headed up on Saturday for the Stars show at the Commodore Ballroom. Gonna hang out in the afternoon at Alibi Room and then dinner at Bin 941 after the show.

    I'm actually staying at Moda, which owns Viti. Any local bottles I should pick up? I'm interested in Driftwood's Mad Bruin and Belle Royale since we didn't get either of those in Seattle. Same with Central City's Imperial IPA.
  9. Those 3 would be worthwhile pick-ups. I would say Belle Royale would be the better pick-up over Mad Bruin but both are very good. CC's imperial IPA is great as is Russell's Hop Therapy. If you like RIS' then you should look for Singularity (likely sold out) or Parallel 49's From East Van with Love. Not sure how much of these would be at Viti.
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  10. distantmantra

    distantmantra Advocate (685) Washington May 23, 2011 Verified

    We get Singularity in Seattle along with Old Cellar Dweller, Fat Tug and the other regular Driftwood releases, but the sours haven't made the trek South. I haven't seen the P49/Gigantic collab down here but we normally get those.

    Viti lets you check their inventory online.
  11. Also look for Lighthouse Belgian Black.
  12. Viti likely won't have all those. Brewery Creek or 16ST have way more stock.
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  13. From what I can tell the P49/Gigantic collab hasn't even made it to Portland. Well worth picking up
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  14. lazarus25

    lazarus25 Disciple (50) Oregon Jun 4, 2012

    Thanks for the rec's...it was a great trip with a nice trade with FondueVoodoo. The Alibi Room and the Pourhouse were awesome. I didn't get to swing by P49, but I did snag a a bottle of that collab. It looks awesome, can't wait to try it. I am sure I'll be back this summer on the way to Whistler so I'll have to check the rest out then.
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  15. Happy you had a great trip. Drop me a line when you come back up this way - I am sure that I will have a few seasonal releases on hand if you are in for another trade.