Regional Recommendations for NC, SC, VA, TN area

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    First post on this site, but I've been using BA for a few years now. I am from MN and haven't been out to the east coast for a few years, and there aren't a whole lot of east coast beers making their way to MN.

    Anyway, my dad is driving out to North Carolina in a few weeks and I wanted to get a few beer recommendations I can tell him to look for to pick up for me. I pretty much enjoy all types of beer so all recommendations are welcome, though I will say I'm partial to IPA's.

    A couple things that I already put on my list are Dogfish Head and Yuengling (neither has distribution in MN). Thanks for your help and recommendations.
  2. LMT

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    Troegs--Perpetual IPA & Troegenator
    Victory--Hop Devil, Prima Pils, & Stormking Stout

    All are available in NoVA...all are very affordable.

    Not sure why you'd want Yuengling...I'd use my money to buy more of the above.
  3. stark379

    stark379 Aspirant (45) Minnesota Mar 19, 2012

    I figured someone would say that. I know it's nothing special, but it's more of a I just want to try it because I feel like I should.

    Thanks for the recommendations though.
  4. ben4unc

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    Foothills in Winston Salem NC has very good IPA's. I recommend sixers or bombers of Hoppyum (IPA), bombers of Seeing Double (double IPA), and we are all anxiously awaiting the release of Jade (IPA) in bombers any day now.
  5. stark379

    stark379 Aspirant (45) Minnesota Mar 19, 2012

  6. I'm still not so enthusiastic about NC IPAs. The best bang for your buck that's regional in NC is Sweetwater IPA. I think it's better than most any IPAs brewed in NC, it's everywhere, and it's cheap.

    As far as recommendations in general, search this forum. A couple times a week someone posts a thread about visiting NC and wanting local recommendations as well as bottle ships and places to visit. Not that we don't love answering the same questions again, but there's a lot of info in the previous ones.
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