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Reminder: Tickets for American Craft Beer Fest go on sale today @ 12pm/ET!

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Fests' started by Todd, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,430) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

  2. Do the VIP tickets go up at a later date? I can't remember from last year.
  3. Just got my tickets for the Saturday afternoon session! VIP tickets? What's that give you?
  4. You get to go to a forum session and skip the line to get into the fest. I got to try BCBVS last year at the dark beer forum, it was fantastic. I think it was something like an extra 15 or 20 bux last year.
  5. What's the realistic outlook on a sellout date this year? With BBF and EBF selling out quickly, I figure it's only a mater of time before ACBF starts selling out well in advance too. That said, summer plans are tough to make this far in advance, so I'd prefer to wait a while if I can.
  6. I didn't get VIP tickets, and still got to try BCBVS like two hours into the session.
  7. I think the big benefits to VIP are skipping the line to get in (which can get very long if you show up right when doors open) and the forum.
  8. Last year they were up for weeks even with the EBF 12-hour sellout. This one doesn't have the urgency in it (and there's such a greater capacity).

    I'll be buying a few tickets soon, though. I really dig the ACBF.
  9. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,430) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    Yep. It's ~2,300 vs. 15,000 tickets. Takes a little longer to sell-out, but we came close last year.
  10. TheMonkfish

    TheMonkfish Initiate (0) Chad Jan 8, 2012

    Got my tickets at lunchtime today.

    This will be my first Beer Festival...is it all about tastings or do breweries also sell products at their booths/locations?

    In other words, do I need to bring a big, strong backpack and a fat wallet? :)
  11. No, just 2oz pours, as per MA law.

    Bring some cargo shorts for all the coasters/stickers/keychains, but you won't be buying any beer there.
  12. You can buy glasses and shirts and books as well. If you're into that bring a bag.
  13. Do they sell glassware? I don't remember seeing it.
  14. I bought a frosted pint from Olde Burnside last year. I think some other brewers had some as well. I could be mistaken.
  15. No you're prob. right I just don't remember. Too much fun... or too much beer....
  16. I believe breweries can sell glassware, but it's not generally encouraged. The breweries have to make sure the glassware is securely packaged and the patrons aren't allowed to open them inside the venue. Usually places just sell T-shirts if anything
  17. beerbiatchMD

    beerbiatchMD Savant (270) Maine Nov 19, 2011

    Just got tickets for my wife and myself tonight. Looking forward to it!
  18. This is going to be my first beer fest and was just wondering how close to the actual festival are the list of breweries/beers typically posted online? Is it like a month(s) before or just like a week before the actual event?
  19. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,430) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    We plan on posting a list of initial brewers very soon; like within the next few days. The beers will be posted around a month before the fest or sooner.
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