Research finds that "Alcohol sharpens the mind"

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by Todd, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Todd

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  2. Rempo

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    Well if two pints sharpens it, I'll try four or five before work tomorrow.
  3. ant880

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    What they didnt tell you is that the beer they were drinking was Adderall Imperial Stout
  4. InebriatedJoker

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    course it does, it made Bud Wiser :D
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  5. leedorham

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    Does this mean Bradley Cooper was just drunk that whole time?
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  6. Ill keep this in mind during exam week.
  7. Hanzo

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    I guess from now on when I tell my wife I don't know how to operate the washing machine I'll be sure not to have a beer in my hand.
  8. Titans77

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    I was always more productive when inebriated... Not really surprised by the findings. How else would I get my multiple page papers typed up and turned in on time?

    Dogfish Head: the reason I pass the classes I could care less about!
  9. dauss

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    I read another article about this as well, but it was talking more about the creativity being higher when you drink. There is a caveat though, is your memory declines, so be sure to write down those ideas.
  10. VncentLIFE

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    Im forwarding this my girl. then shell understand.
  11. Must surely be a cut off point because at the bottom of a case of beer I am afraid the ideas that have come out of my head have been anything but brilliant or at least so the wife tells me.
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  12. leedorham

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    Just because she didn't let you do it doesn't mean it wasn't a brilliant idea ;)
  13. It also sharpens the wit and makes you more attractive. Not to mention it can possibly turn anyone into an expert on ANY subject. Bout time booze got its props!
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  14. Yes, of coors it does.
  15. SHODriver

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    it aides in thinking outside the box. the same effect can be achieved when being half asleep.
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  16. KevSal

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    best thread of the night
  17. crusian

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    drinking alcohol before a test might improve your score (no, you're not sloshed, you read that right). In a study of 40 men, University of Illinois researchers found that subjects who downed two pints of beer before a quiz fared better than their sober counterparts. And not just a little better - the drinkers solved 40 percent more brain teasers than the teetotalers, and solved them faster. We're not advocating getting hammered before the LSATs, but if you've got a breathalyzer handy, the study says that the optimum blood alcohol level for enhanced "creative problem solving" is 0.07.
  18. Works for me. I'm gonna pound some Celebrator before I start writing this $1.5 milllion grant with my boss.
  19. jchoffman

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    I think I will start with a few pints in the morning then ;)
  20. nrs207

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    I'm not buying it. My brain doesn't work when I drink, and I'm not alone. Having to think or remember things while drinking is just not easy for me or anyone I know.
  21. WickedSluggy

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    I don't know if beer makes you smart, but it made Bud wiser.
  22. "Beer is the drink of men who think,
    who feel no fear nor fetter.
    Who do not drink to senseless sink,
    but drink to think the better"

  23. UCLABrewN84

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  24. mltobin

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    Maybe Diageo or In-Bev are helping fund some of these "research projects". I quickly glanced at a different news story that stated at a blood-alcohol level of 0.07%, workers are more creative.
  25. I have a feeling this is going to be shot down by peer review. Alcohol at even small amounts has been shown to increase anxiety, and decrease concentration, and memory retention. I love beer but its not to be used when working/ studying. My multivariable calculus test from last year is a perfect example.
  26. MiT has nothing on BA
  27. In an unrelated article, it was found that masturbation makes you dumber.

    Easy come, easy go.....
  28. jbck109

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    They say it does impair memory though, but half the time I drink to forget:D