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Reuse Yeast Cake Belgian PA-Tripel

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by jtdolla911, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Some random questions about reusing yeast cake from a Belgian pale ale to make a Belgian Tripel. I used a grain/extract mash with Kent Golding hops for the BPA.

    I've had it in primary for almost a week.

    My main question is this.....should I move the BPA to secondary once I hit the FG? Or keep it in primary for a couple weeks before I bottle, and then reuse the cake at that point? This is only the second batch I've brewed, but it's moving very nicely and I figured I might as well take a step forward if I can.

    I've looked up what info I could find and I can either rack the new wort directly onto the cake or wash the cake and repitch. Not sure which I will do yet.

    Thanks for any and all advice!
  2. koopa

    koopa Champion (835) New Jersey Apr 20, 2008

    IMHO The answer to your question IS your decision between transferring the second beer onto the yeast cake or harvesting/washing the yeast cake to use at a later date.

    If you decide to just rack your second beer onto the yeast cake, you should leave the first beer on the yeast in primary until your tripel brew day.

    If you decide to harvest and wash your yeast, you can do that in advance of your tripel brew day.
  3. HerbMeowing

    HerbMeowing Savant (420) Virginia Nov 10, 2010

    Take Door #2.
    Best not to rush into a 2ndary.
  4. Hopefully it was a session BPA (~ 1.040)...just like a big starter. If that's the case, rack the BPA to secondary/keg @ ~ 1 week and pitch your Tripel on to the cake immediately...timing is everything if you don't want to screw around with washing and storing yeast.
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  5. the OG was 1.053, FG will be about 1.013
  6. 1.053 is not ideal, but should work just fine @ 7-10 days in.
  7. Thanks for the advice! I brewed from a recipe kit and it called for an OG between 1.051 and 1.053. When i come up with my own recipe for a BPA ill shoot for an OG closer to 1.041.
  8. NiceFly

    NiceFly Savant (395) Tajikistan Dec 22, 2011

    I would definately move the pale off and harvest the cake, wash it even. Otherwise you do not know how much yeast you are putting into the tripel and it will likely be way to much and be pretty bland.

    Have some boiled and cooled water on hand when you move the pale ale and use that to swish around the cake and put it in a jar that has some sort of graduated measurements. Let it settle in the fridge, do a little research on how much of the cake to pitch and use the markings to pitch only that much.

    I put a dubbel on a whole cake once, and it was the most bland thing ever. Belgian yeast need that growth for flavor development, trust me.
  9. I already threw it on the whole cake, and it flew to start with. I used a blowoff and it definitely gave off some great aromas, so I'll see how it works out when all is said and done. Thanks for the advice, and I'll definitely wash it next time I reuse cake. I'm just glad my yeast is alive and well for my first reused yeast cake. I learned some lessons for the future and that's all I can ask for. Cheers!
  10. premierpro

    premierpro Savant (350) Michigan Mar 21, 2009

    I have never noticed any thing bland after pitching on to a cake. Some of my best beers have come off full cakes. I also like scooping a pint of yeast off the bottom to save for my next batch.