Revolution 3rd Year Anniversary Party!

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by moju, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. MarcatGSB

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    Can you elaborate on the glass cleaning stations? Or even have a picture by any chance?
  2. The 4 little tables in the foreground had glass rinsers on top of them.

  3. MarcatGSB

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    Cool, thank you.
  4. steebo777

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    Brilliant idea of having the glass cleaning stations.
  5. homebrew311

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    I will echo what everyone else said about how awesome this party was, a great way to celebrate my wife's birthday. Really enjoyed the ice cream and the beef skewer. Forgive me for my ignorance, but who is the dude on the Little Crazy can? I saw him around all night and he was on all of staff's shirts.
  6. Dontcounttoday

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    The guy pictures on the Little Crazy cans is Rev's head brewer.


    They had 4 stations set up for everyone to rinse their own glasses in between drinks. The picture above is an example of such stations, which you see in many bars nowadays. Never seen then placed out for use in a brewery event, but it was an amazingly great idea. Way better than jugs of water and dumping buckets.
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  7. homebrew311

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    That's what I figured. He has a striking resemblance to Jerry Garcia. Can't wait for the next party, this one was fantastic.
  8. MarcatGSB

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    Yes I'm familiar with the glass rinser of course. When the it was stated glass cleaner, I was wondering if they had a sink that people would "wash" their glasses in. It all makes sense now.
  9. There should be more available. I bought 2 in addition to the one we were given while attending the first session. They indicate on the blurb about the event that they will be available for purchase on Wednesday 2/6.
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  10. Not the head brewer, just one of the brewers: .

    And about bottles of the 3rd Year Beer, I think they said any remaining bottles would go on sale this Wednesday, at the brewery.
  11. Dontcounttoday

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    So it is! We asked one of the bartenders and were just told head brewer.
  12. I thought Matty was the head brewer for a long time myself. It may not have been until their current website went live that I realized what Cibak looks like. It's not unfair to say that Matty sticks out a little more.
  13. burica2020

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    Loved everything about it but I wonder if anyone has the one critism I had - I wanted a special, cool tasting glass. I thought I'd never be a glassware guy, but I was really dissapointed when they handed me a taster with the logo. Whatever, party was fu#%in awesome.
  14. yeahnatenelson

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    Agreed, not that it stopped anybody from stealing mine...
  15. jeonseh

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    This is exactly correct. It was full but not crowded. Plus no line was longer than 5 minutes and they actually left space for you to move around instead of having to fight crowds.
  16. anyone go pick up bottles today?
  17. Mjmoser

    Mjmoser Savant (420) Illinois May 6, 2012

    Yup. $15 a piece, limit 4. On tap too, along with VMC....
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  18. Awesome, thanks
  19. ravot

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    how is it?
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  20. Mjmoser

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    Very sweet. Liked it, but I think Straight Jacket is better IMHO. I really enjoyed SJ.
  21. it's good. quite boozy and sweet, but not ridiculously so. straight jacket was better. would drink again for sure. bought a bottle for myself and one for a trade.

    also, my mug club membership damn near paid for itself tonight. three free taster pours, including third year.
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  22. mdomask

    mdomask Savant (370) Illinois May 27, 2012

    Straight Jacket is a hidden gem of a beer. I'm glad it hasn't gotten more hype and that you can still walk in and buy bottles.
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