Rock & Brews in Redondo Beach

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  1. Super stoked for this to open up! I don't know exactly when it is schedule to open since they are still doing tons of work, but judging by the timing I would assume Spring time. If you guys have been to the El Segundo location you know they have a really extensive tap list. Also bottle list. I personally really like their beer options, and they are on rotation which is great.

    No i do not work for them, or have affiliation... Just amped on a good new place to get some good beers and hopefully some good food!
  2. blguillen

    blguillen Savant (300) California Apr 19, 2011

    Love the El Segundo location!
  3. I've only been once for a quick beer, so I can't have a huge opinion on the place. But what I saw was awesome. I hope it does well, because the Redondo area could use some life. It is one of my favorite areas in the south bay.
  4. UCLABrewN84

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    I still need to check the OG location out. It looks like a pretty solid spot.
  5. dcgunman

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    Rock n brews is a good place to check out once in awhile if your in the area. I work at LAX so I make it a point to stop in every now and then. El Segundo Brewing Co too. I just don't like the drive back to HB afterwards. 405 and ABV's & CHP not a good mix. But still a must check out.
  6. AndresR

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    Rock and Brews El Segundo had a FW tap takeover last night. 4 types of free FW glassware, and a 2011 Parabola on tap. Drinking nice!
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  7. ouch, ya that is a hell of a drive south after some drinks! then again, if i had that drive... I would find myself stopping on 2nd in belmont every single night... trouble!
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  8. dcgunman

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    That's why BW SB on Main is my go to stop once or twice and even three times a week before heading home. Only a 10 minute ride home. And it's better than Rock n Brews. IMO. I hit up Rock n Brews if I'm working OT @ LAX. Foods okay. Brews r better.