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Rumple Drumkin

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerekMorgan, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. I was at a beer tasting tonight and Cisco had a "Rumple Drumkin" that is Pumple Drumkin aged in their Hurricane rum barrels. Doesn't seem to be on here yet, curious if anyone has had it and what you think?

    It was one of the smokiest beers I've ever had but still smooth and the pumpkin still comes through in the finish with the intense smoke flavor. Hopefully it will get released before next pumpkin season because I'd like to have it again. 4/5
  2. My family has a place on island. Ive had it at the brewery and thaught it was great. I have doubts they will bottle it thou cheers
  3. Bottled as part of the island reserve series. Georgio's Liquors in Billerica has it on the shelf. I thought it sounded good, but haven't tried it yet.
  4. Also, I've never seen so much sediment in a bottle. Definitely not pumpkin extract in that one.
  5. I had it and was a bit disappointed. Too much smoke and burnt rubber for me. The spices and pumpkin seemed lost in this. While I don't rate their standard pumpkin version too high on the list of great pumpkin brews, in its original form it was far better than the barrel aged one. Not to mention the $10.99 I payed for the bottle was no where near worth it. Sad, as I had spoken to a rep from Cisco and he seemed pretty excited about it months before the release. I wonder what they all think of after trying it themselves.
  6. Ive had it at the brewery before it had its official name. Its good in small quantities but its very very smoky so if that not your thing...leave it for someone else....
  7. Yea i've been eyeing it at Georgio's for some time now. Glad I found this thread.