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ruthless rye vs. glissade

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by fartmaster, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. fartmaster

    fartmaster Initiate (0) California Dec 27, 2011

    this might be true man...everybody gets excited for a new release..so of course it will sell a lot...its the second and third years, one will figure out how popular it really is...
  2. wcintula

    wcintula Savant (335) New York May 2, 2010

    If it weren't for RR on tap I wouldn't have been impressed. But Ruthless Rye wins by tap out.
  3. mattafett

    mattafett Savant (465) Iowa Mar 9, 2009

    I like both. They should just do both.
  4. KingBiscuit

    KingBiscuit Savant (440) Illinois May 30, 2005

    I like Ruthless but would rather ESB than either. Wish they would bring it back.
  5. beer348

    beer348 Aficionado (130) Oregon Aug 16, 2009

    I don't remember how Glissade tasted but I would like it better. Ruthless Rye is a good IPA.
  6. aasher

    aasher Champion (900) Indiana Jan 27, 2010

    Glissade was so bland that it only made sense for Sierra to replace their most lackluster beer.
  7. Glissade easily wins, since I kinda liked it and didn't like Ruthless whatsoever - it's like a mouthful of copper pennies. Glissade was particularly good when you put it in the freezer until it almost froze and then drank it. It didn't lose anything by being ice cold and it was better this way.
  8. I personally hate Belgian IPAs so that will be a long way off if I have anything to do with it!!!
    For my palate Belgian yeast phenolics and hops do not play well together, which is odd because I love hoppy beers and I love Belgian styles. Go figure.
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  9. steveh

    steveh Advocate (705) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    I have a similar problem with citrus character hops and highly roasted malts. I apologize, Bill, because you can tell what that means for my SN Stout purchases!
  10. CellarGimp

    CellarGimp Savant (465) Missouri Sep 14, 2011

    Glissade due to the fact that its a truly Spring Seasonal style and Ruthless Rye just seems to be another IPA to plug into the lineup. IPAs and Seasonals are the fastest growing categories for craft. Seems like SN was just trying to cash in on the double dip.There are tons of better year round IPAs than Ruthless so I will likely never buy it again. I would have bought a sixer of Glissade every year though just as a welcome to Spring. Obviously the simple Maibock style doesn't blow enough hophead skirts up and SN was having trouble moving it.
  11. You say that like we're late to the IPA and/or seasonal party. Celebration (an IPA released in 1981 as a seasonal) and Torpedo has been the number one IPA in the country for years. Glissade wasn't the beer we needed in that seasonal spot. So far, Ruthless is looking great. We'll see over the coming years if that trend continues.

    I see threads all the time about seasonals creeping earlier and earlier... The economics of filling a seasonal rotation in the market have pushed the rotations into something better resembling quarterly releases rather than true seasonality. We took flak from the beer community over releasing our Spring Maibock in January, so we said forget it...we're going to stop making "spring" beers fit into the first quarter and release the kind of beer we want to drink. For us right now, Ruthless is that beer. (and for me especially, that about the only thing I've drunk in the past three months.)

    To each his own, I suppose.
  12. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (945) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Any chance we'll see Glissade show up again in some other form? I personally couldn't care less what season you sell it - call it a heller-bock and then you can sell it any time!
  13. CellarGimp

    CellarGimp Savant (465) Missouri Sep 14, 2011

    No disrespect man! Love and highest regard for SN. Just preferred Glissade cause Ruthless was good but not a quantum shift by any stretch. Not saying you all were "late to the party" at all. You guys started the party! You all make some damn fine hoppy favorites. Love the PA, Torpedo and Celebration. I just feel like everyone is overloading on the IPAs. Personally, I like seeing style variety especially with seasonals. I know the Rye makes it a different breed of IPA but there are other very good RIPAs that are available all year (maybe not with your distribution reach). There's not much in the way of Maibocks though. I just don't want the craft movement to be Imperial Stouts and IPAs only.

    PS - Looking forward to Summerfest!
  14. steveh

    steveh Advocate (705) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    There's a concept I can take to heart!
  15. Ruthless. wasn't a fan of glissade
  16. beer348

    beer348 Aficionado (130) Oregon Aug 16, 2009

    I'm looking forward to drinking the rest of my Ruthless Rye. It's a lot better than my last beer purchase.. I am just not a big IPA fan right now. Initially I was sceptical of their being some funky Rye flavor but I wanted to see what all the hype was. It's kind of funny how the IPA on the label is in the smallest font. I didn't even realize it was an IPA till later :)
  17. mikeg67

    mikeg67 Savant (390) New Jersey Nov 12, 2010

    I love them both.
  18. dsal89

    dsal89 Advocate (505) Indiana Jul 6, 2008

    I already said it....but i love Ruthless Rye.

    Going to pick up a 12 of it in a bit.
  19. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Champion (755) Ohio Jul 4, 2005

    Ruthless Rye is an easy choice out of those 2 for me. Didn't care much for Glissade for whatever reason.
  20. BB1313

    BB1313 Champion (770) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    It can be a hit or miss style.. but when done right, I personally LOVE em. I also don't think there's alot of Americanized Belgian IPAs on the market that reaches the masses, besides Sumpin' Wild and Raging Bitch. You guys could fill that void, but to each their own. Either way, keep the tasty beers coming!
  21. dsal89

    dsal89 Advocate (505) Indiana Jul 6, 2008

    Just got back from the store and got a 12 of this.

    It is a fairly old batch, though :( ....last one from December. Im sure ill still enjoy it though!

    ...and to anyone who say my post about not being able to find Resin. Well, i finally found it. Life is good.
  22. poopinmybutt

    poopinmybutt Savant (255) Nebraska May 25, 2005

    for some reason i also thought this was year-round. going to pick up a case today.

    i really like ruthless. i think it's pretty unique, honestly. interplay between the rye and citrus notes is really cool and different.
  23. Glissade was a much better bock than Ruthless was a rye IPA. I used to go through 5-6 cases of glissade each year - this year I was done after one 12 pack of toothless rye.
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  24. MLucky

    MLucky Savant (355) California Jul 31, 2010

    I'm going to eat my words here. I thought it was a terrible idea to get rid of glissade, one of the few widely available bocks, and replace it with yet another hoppy ale. Then I tried ruthless rye and thought it was terrific. A great beer with a food. What can I say? I reserve the right to change my mind.
  25. Ruthless Rye, no question--I've bought at least a case since it came out. Great value Rye IPA!
  26. Acforster2

    Acforster2 Aficionado (245) Florida Jan 17, 2011

    I really like both. But hate tumbler. Hey Bill please replace tumbler with glissade or remake tumbler into a brown ipa like dogfish heads indian brown ale. Please, for me. Sierra Nevada is my favorite brewery. Thanks. Also, how can you not like Belgian ipa's like raging.bitch?
  27. xnicknj

    xnicknj Advocate (730) Pennsylvania May 25, 2009

    i dont think either of them are all that good but i'd pick ruthless rye of the two.
  28. morimech

    morimech Advocate (675) Minnesota Nov 6, 2006

    Ruthless Rye. Although I do not think it is the greatest rye beer out there, I drink a hell a lot more Ruthless than I ever did Glissade.
  29. LostHighway

    LostHighway Savant (330) Maine Jan 29, 2007

    Another vote for Ruthless over Glissade, although Glissade was certainly decent. I'd also vote for the return of ESB.
    If SN wants to try their hand at something different I'd be up for an Alt, a Biere de Garde or a Saison. There are a bunch of American takes on Saisons these days but most of them IMO aren't very good. The other two are seriously under represented styles.
  30. GoldenChild

    GoldenChild Savant (330) Michigan Nov 18, 2009

    Love Ruthless (The art work and the beer) I have bought Glissade 3 times and i ended up giving it away every time because I didn't like it.
  31. fartmaster

    fartmaster Initiate (0) California Dec 27, 2011

    this is why i love sierra nevada...
    GoldenChild likes this.
  32. CellarGimp

    CellarGimp Savant (465) Missouri Sep 14, 2011

    They have the Ovila Saison.
  33. I never had Glissade... Wasn't impressed in Ruthless at all though. Gimme a Torpedo.
  34. sixerofelixir

    sixerofelixir Savant (380) Ohio Oct 27, 2009

    I wish they had kept Glissade.

    I appreciated the variety; I personally don't find the worth in another hoppy pale ale release from SN, when I drink 3 other awesome ones brewed by them (2 year-rounders).
  35. Of the two I am a fan of the Ruthless, although there are other rye beers out there that I would chose in a heartbeat. Although at $7.99 a six pack, it's a pretty damn good beer

  36. Wondering if Celebration's year after year sales were ever scrutinized as much within the first three years it came out?

    Getting flak from the beer community about releasing a "maibock" in January is what caused SN to drop Glissade? Sure it had nothing to do with sales - or lack thereof?

    So I guess this means you are dropping the word "summer" from the name of your Summer lager since it released in the spring? o_O Hahahhahaaaaa! Maybe you should have just changed the name of Glissade to Summerade to increase its sales....
  37. I wouldn't mind more hoppy pale ales or Ipa's from SN - just not in the amberish vein that seems to be overused by SN.
  38. beer348

    beer348 Aficionado (130) Oregon Aug 16, 2009

    I wonder how Ruthless Rye would compare with Torpedo side by side. I can't remember the last time I had Torpedo but RuthlessR seems very hoppy.
  39. steveh

    steveh Advocate (705) Illinois Oct 8, 2003

    Of course the obvious answer is that the Torpedo doesn't have the rye character. And not to be sarcastic, but I can really get that sort of spicy, dry rye character in the Ruthless and remember the Torpedo as being more rich in the biscuit malts.
  40. beer348

    beer348 Aficionado (130) Oregon Aug 16, 2009

    thanks. I agree with your characterization of RR. Just wondering what can be paired with this drink to complement its flavors.

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