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  1. MordeciaFunk

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    This popped into my head the other day when I was explaining to one of the girls I work with that one day many moons ago we discovered that 1/3 coke and 2/3's Alpha Pale Ale was acutally quite delicious. Stop laughing I was young.

    We then went through a little phase and came up with such wonderful concoctions as 3/4's Dogbolter and 1/4 Crema (a Matilda Bay beer made with coffee beans) that tasted like a wonderful beery mocha.

    Now my question to you fellow BA's, has anyone else ever succumbed to curiosity and mixed two beers together, or anything like that, to discover new and delicious horizons? I'm not talking your usual 1/2 Smirnoff Black 1/2 bland domestic lager to make Turbo-Shandies, but something exotic....

    Anyone or anything at all?
  2. Lukie

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    The cola thing is quite common in Germany.

    The Germans mix everything with beer.
  3. interesting - reminds me of drinking in Pommy-land in the 70s/80s... often we asked for these at the bar..

    Brown and Mild (bottle of brown, fill the rest of the pint with mild from tap)
    Light and Bitter (same idea)
    Light and Lager (same idea)

    no idea whether they still do it...
  4. dannyc

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    Nothing exotic, but if in the US you can get a good Black & Tan (1/2 Guiness and 1/2 Bass Ale). If poured properly they stay separate and if drunk properly, will mix in the mouth.
  5. Parrotshake

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    Not a mixture of 2 beers, but Rodenbach with a dash of grenadine is quite good. The brewer suggested it in an interview with (I think) Garrett Oliver and I figured it sounded alright. It was.
  6. joecast

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    Generally happy to combine two homebrews and see what the result is. Less likely to do this with commercial beer cause I probably bought it for a reason. Either I like the beer as is, or want to know what it's like.