Great Britain Sainsburys £1.10 a bottle Weihenstephan Hefe weissbier

Discussion in 'Europe' started by seanyfo, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Says its all in the title

    Cleared out my local, what a bargain!!
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  2. If this be true, then I may have to make a detour after work tomorrow.....
  3. Thanks for the info! Was able to grab 6 bottles of this today. On checkout it rang up 2.19 so they had to price check. I was told the bottles were in the wrong place and it wasn't on sale. Hard to believe they misplaced the same beer in at least two different stores.
  4. Thats poor! At least you got it at the correct price in the end! If you dont ask, you dont get!
  5. I didn't find this - it's not on sale at my Sainsbury's :(