saison & brett brux ?

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  1. has anybody added brett brux to a saison and where was the gravity when you added it? I'm having a hard time getting mine to drop below 1.008. when you bottled, where was the gravity and how much priming sugar did you use?
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    I've added at 1.006 in secondary, it dropped to 1.004 in three months. I bottled with 4oz priming sugar. It's been in bottles for about four months now and taste great, lots of brett character.

    What yeast strain did you use and at what temp?
  3. it's my second go around with the wyeast DuPont strain 3724. had it right around 80. it's about 3 1/2 weeks now. My first saison with 3724 dropped to 1.004. I'm surprised yours only dropped two points in three months! how is the carbonation?
  4. don't fret.
    if you are worried, just leave it in the carboy for 4+ months.
    if you are superfretful, just don't let it sit in the bottle for more than a year.
  5. would you bother transferring to a secondary or just put the brux in the primary?
  6. In the primary is fine unless you wanted to wash the saison yeast.

    The Dupont strain is finicky and needs to be babied early on with lots of yeast nutrient and aeration. You could keep turning up the heat into the 90s -- if you can -- but even still it may not finish out on you for a while. I've read people having to let it sit 6-8 weeks before the strain gets off it's lazy ass and finishes fermentation on its own. I haven't had that much of a problem with it although I do think flavor-wise it does smooth out with a little lagering and/or age on it, which is what Dupont does before releasing the beers (see Farmhouse Ales).

    If you add brett, plan on sitting on it for a few months before bottling. 1.008 is too high to drop brett and bottle IMO unless you are bottling in heavier bottles than the standard 12oz. You may just want to wait out the Dupont strain and see if it improves in a couple weeks but you can't go wrong with a saison with brett. Or really brett in general.
  7. no need to transfer, especially if you let it stay for 3-5 months. i mean, it won't hurt to transfer it, but by keeping the trub, you are giving the brett another option to eat if it runs out of sugar (which it won't).

    as long as you are patient, i don't see that big of an issue of 0.002 in gravity. just give it time for the brett to do its stuff. just my thought. i mean, think of it logically. there farmhouse saison yeast blend has brett w/saison yeast. how does that work out?
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    I need to get off my lazy ass and bottle, but I did something a bit different. I added one pack of 3724 and the dregs from a bottle of BRUX for primary. I kept it around 78 for about 6 weeks, but it had fizzled out around 1.022. I didn't have any way to safely raise the temps on the fermenter, so I pitched the dregs from a bottle of saison I made with 3711. I also added several pounds of diced peaches to the fermenter during last year's peach harvest (August?). Two weeks ago, I checked the gravity at 1.002. Nice and dry with definite peach notes.
  9. thanks for all the advice gentlemen. I've been keeping it warm near the floor boards with blankets and hot water in the kettle with my bucket inside. the last time I added boiling water it dropped another 2 points In 5 days. I can definitely tell I pays to keep temps in the high 80's to 90. i'll add some more boiling water and use some patience and see what happens. i'll be satisfied if drops to 1.004 but if it doesn't do it with my coaching i'll add the brux. I used buckwheat and chocolate wheat from valley malt and really wanted to see the affect of those two grains without the addition of brett but I cant really fathom drinking it at 1.008
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    The carbination is great at 4 months in the bottle. I probably could have let it sit a little longer before bottling but I felt comfortable bottling at that gravity.

    Good luck with yours, I agree that a saison should be pretty dry.
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    Wait it out for another couple weeks to see what the 3724 does. I bottled @ 1.005 w/ a starter of Orval dregs and took 2nd in category in a comp @ 7 months. Still have bottles in the garage, tastes great @ 19 months.
  12. how much priming sugar did you use when you bottled?
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    Good question. I know I bottled it to a high vol CO2 like normal, around 2.8 maybe. It is super carbed now.