Sam Adams Utopias 2005?

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  1. My buddy was given an unopened bottle of Utopias 2005 as a partial payment for rent. Since eBay isn't around anymore, he asked what it might be worth. He isn't into beer and doesn't trade.

    I have no idea how it has been stored over the years but I can't see it changing flavor too much.

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    Just curious... why is your buddy accepting alcohol that he knows nothing about as a partial payment for rent?
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    But the guy promised him it was valuable.
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  5. The roommate was moving out and hadn't paid rent. As the old saying goes, you can't get blood from a stone(r).
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    ...or rent from a hippie
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    Yikes. Its probably "worth" in the $200-$300 range if he can find someone who wants one. I think MSRP was, as someone has already stated $170 when it first came out (though most stores I've seen sell Utopias for a shade over $200).
  8. I told him it was worth a few hundred. I will convince him to donate to a bottleshare even though his beer of choice is Newcastle.
  9. That's because the rent is too damn high.
  10. If by few, you mean 2, then sure. Not to say some idiot wouldn't pay $300 (or more) for a bottle of beer, but good luck finding them without Ebay...
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    I will only abide you talking about rent being too damn high because you are from NY/NJ and share in the pain that is our ridiculous cost of living ;)
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    No.. I got the reference, between him and Palladino sticking his foot in his mouth every two minutes, it was one of the most entertaining elections in a while.

    But I better say something beer related before I get reprimanded...whalez, Dark Lord, green apples, Heady Topper!
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