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Samuel Adams IPL opinions

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ThirstyFace, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) New York Jan 11, 2013

    Better than both Founders All Day IPA and Lagunitas Day Time IPA.

    Was not expecting that, and to be honest I was hoping for something that tasted like a lager.

    Glad I bought a sixer.

    Anyone else agree with me?
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  2. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Advocate (685) Massachusetts Mar 29, 2007 Beer Trader

    I'm assuming you're talking about Double Agent? Haven't had it yet. But Sam seems to be pretty good on the hoppy lager front. I love Noble Pils and Alpine Spring, will seek out Double Agent next time I'm at the store. However, Jack's Abby sets the bar pretty high around here.
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  3. chefkevlar

    chefkevlar Savant (460) South Carolina Apr 17, 2010 Beer Trader

    I haven't had Day Time yet and All Day only once so I can't really compare them but Double Agent is quite tasty.
  4. Mgm54

    Mgm54 Savant (440) Illinois Apr 7, 2011 Beer Trader

    I just had one of these beers out of a friends SA Spring Thaw pack. Great beer, I would pick a sixer up.
  5. kojevergas

    kojevergas Poobah (1,200) Colorado Aug 15, 2010 Beer Trader

    I certainly disagree, but I'm glad that you enjoy it as much as you do. I'd honestly prefer either of the beers you mentioned, but I don't think the IPL is a bad beer by any means. Just not a very good one.
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  6. Danny1217

    Danny1217 Advocate (705) Florida Jul 15, 2011 Beer Trader

    I loved Daytime. Is IPL comparable? I'll have to try it. I haven't been impressed by a Samuel Adams product in a while.
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  7. Any particular reason you compared this beer to Daytime and All day, rather than something like Noble Pils or Prima Pils? hop profiles?

    I haven't had the IPL yet, that's why I ask.
  8. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) New York Jan 11, 2013

    Yes, because it does not come close to tasting like a pilsner, and to me, it tastes more like a hoppy ale. The lager properties are very hard to distinguish in Double Agent
  9. JediMatt

    JediMatt Savant (280) Iowa Jun 18, 2010

    I found it tasty and highly drinkable. :)
  10. Sounds good to me!

    I'm gonna be picking up the spring mix pack for the big game, definitely looking forward to the IPL.
  11. It was pretty good, but felt like a third rate Hoponius union to me. I'd take it if the other weren't around.
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  12. SenorHops

    SenorHops Savant (475) Rhode Island Aug 10, 2010

    Is this beer as sweet as Latitude 48?
  13. MilkManX

    MilkManX Savant (390) Arizona Jul 10, 2012

    It is very drinkable. Scary drinkable. I could probably guzzle a 32oz like nothing.
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  14. Drank some last night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
  15. Errto

    Errto Savant (325) Connecticut Oct 20, 2009

    I seem to be out of the loop. What is IPL? What is Double Agent?
  16. had much better IPLs
  17. Hotmetal1

    Hotmetal1 Advocate (665) Mississippi Feb 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    I really like it, hoppy up front, crisp on the end.
  18. willbm3

    willbm3 Savant (390) Massachusetts Feb 19, 2010

    I thought it was fine, but nothing special. Tastes like slightly hoppier Boston Lager. I think I prefer Latitude 48 and that's a 3rd tier IPA at best. Although maybe my experience was ruined because I had a 2 day old Hoponius Union beforehand...
  19. I have not had Double Agent IPL yet. Below is a description from the Sam Adams website for this beer:

    “Brewing innovation is about asking "what if?" What if we gave an IPA a second identity and used some of our favorite West Coast hops, with their grapefruit, piney, and tropical fruit character, in a lager?”

    Even though this beer is technically a lager (they used a lager yeast to ferment the beer) this beer ‘sounds’ like an IPA to me.

  20. ShanePB

    ShanePB Poobah (1,050) Pennsylvania Sep 6, 2010 Beer Trader

    IPL was really good. I've never had either of the other two as a comparison though. They certainly impressed with that one. Nice addition.
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  21. This right here. I have only tried daytime to compare it to. I probably like it a little bit more than that.
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  22. Then you'd have "innovated" Hoponius Union, only a couple of years late.
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  23. I just popped one open.
    Best beer from Sam Adams that I have ever had, hop profile is spot on for my tastes.

    Better than the Hoponious Unions that I was drinking last week. (since that seems to be the beer some people are comparing this to)
  24. I had the IPL a few weeks back in the spring thaw pack. I thought it was an enjoyable beer, would definitely drink it again
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  25. No, it has nowhere near the malty-sweetness of Latitude 48. As other folks have mentioned, it is more in the ballpark of a Noble Pils, or a Boston Lager with less caramel and way more hops.
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  26. Qwest_35

    Qwest_35 Savant (310) Florida Feb 4, 2013 Beer Trader

    I really haven't found a Sam Adams that I wanted to drink again until one of my friends handed me a Double Agent. This beer actually made me do a double take, was convinced that I had misread the label and I was handed a west coast IPA! The funny thing is the friend that handed me the beer is a BMC guy, and doesn't even know what an IPA is, let alone an IPL... I can't wait til they start shipping 6 packs of this stuff, I will definitely drink this little gem again!
  27. Are they putting this beer in six packs?
  28. Pegli

    Pegli Savant (315) Rhode Island Aug 30, 2006

    I almost picked up a sixer in RI on Saturday
  29. ShanePB

    ShanePB Poobah (1,050) Pennsylvania Sep 6, 2010 Beer Trader

    That's an interesting way to answer his question. ;) But, AlcahueteJ, yes they are.
  30. dertyd

    dertyd Advocate (520) California Mar 23, 2010 Beer Trader

    The whole 12 pack was great but the ipl was by far the best beer in the box
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  31. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (715) Illinois Nov 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    Just drank a bottle of the Double Agent IPL last night and I was pretty impressed. Although, I can't compare it to the Founders All Day IPA or the Lagunitas Day Time IPA because I haven't tried them yet. >.<
  32. Going to join the chorus here. Very pleasantly suprised by this one. Generally, I think the hoppy pale offerings from SA are the weakest part of their portfolio... but Double Agent tosses that out the window. Very solid, drinkable brew with great hop character.

    Pleasantly suprised, and will certainly be looking out for more.
  33. T-RO

    T-RO Savant (410) New Hampshire Nov 9, 2012 Beer Trader

    For $12.99 12-pack and 5% ABV and pretty solid flavor and smell, I'm a buyer.
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  34. smutty33

    smutty33 Advocate (705) Connecticut Jun 12, 2009

    Not bad at all,very crushable.Wish it had a lil' more on the nose,but overall,pretty good.
    Glad to see SA putting out some different brews.

    Cheers All......
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  35. Qwest_35

    Qwest_35 Savant (310) Florida Feb 4, 2013 Beer Trader

    Still looking for sixers of Double Agent down here in south Fl, anybody on this forum see any yet?
  36. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (380) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011 Beer Trader

    I don't agree with you that IPL is better than All Day or Day Time, but they're all good beers.
  37. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    Agreed (and not a big fan of Sam Adams stuff either).
  38. TychoNDC

    TychoNDC Advocate (500) Colorado Jan 7, 2013 Beer Trader

    I haven't had the All Day or Day Time, but I did drink a couple Double Agents this past weekend and was very pleasantly surprised by it. A very drinkable, enjoyable beer from Sam Adams.
  39. Pretty sure it's most likely run of the mill, bad at worst, and "just above average" at best. Don't really get the appeal of 99% of sam adams brews... and even the ones I do (well, the one - cream stout) are outshined by others in their respective styles. o well...
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