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    Isn't there a well known/accepted beer pad called the 99 or something? All types of foreign and local beers within? Thanks.
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    And if you're in Santa Cruz, go to burger. or Sante Adairius instead :D
  4. 99 Bottles is under new ownership I believe and I think they're trying to make some improvements to the tap list and food and such. They had SARA 831 on tap for a little while actually. Still, at this point burger. or Maiden Publick House is probably a better bet. Also, if anyone cares there is now an Aptos location for burger. and Aptos Street BBQ has really upped their game by adding about 25 taps.
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    I will have about a half a day to spend in SF before I have to get on a plane. Any specific restaurants (lunch) you guys recommend that has a good craft selection? We will be coming from Healdsburg and going to SFO so a place somewhere on that path would be ideal, but my wife might also want to make a detour near Fisherman's Wharf. Thanks.
  6. For a simple lunch, you can't beat a sausage from Rosamunde and a beer next door at Toronado.
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    Thanks. I'll check that out.