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  1. Hey Beeradvocates,
    I wanted to quickly reach out to all the readers, especially Coloradans. I am one of the founders of a new brewery opening in Boulder. At Sanitas Brewing Company, we are going to be brewing several styles and will have a heavy influence in barrel aging, sours, and generally unique Ales and Lagers. Sustainability is a big focus of ours and we will also use a lot of organic and local hops and barley. Hopefully you folks will be able to give our products a try and swing by the tap room this Spring to meet the Sanitas crew.

    Zach Nichols
    Sanitas Brewing Company
  2. JMBSH

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    Saw that you plan on canning right away. Any idea on that those will be?
  3. alexipa

    alexipa Savant (455) Colorado Oct 7, 2011

    I'll of course be there. Boulder can never have enough breweries, they are all jam packed all the time!

    You'll be over by Twisted Pine right? I look forward to trying what you guys have to offer.
  4. Alex, we aren't far from Twisted Pine, just a couple blocks East down Walnut. Stop by and see us this Spring!
  5. JMBSH, we will be doing a couple year round cans to start, but we aren't quite ready to make the announcement as to what those will be. Follow us on our facebook ( and twitter ( to keep up to date on future news. I will say, while a lot of our focus will be on fun stuff such as Sours and barrel aged, the canned offerings will be a little more approachable.
  6. Oxymoron

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    Where did the name come from?
  7. alexipa

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    My guess is it has something to do with Mt. Sanitas... a popular foothill in Boulder for trail running/hiking/climbing. Mt. Sanitas is also their facebook cover photo.
  8. Yes, exactly. We went through long discussions of what name to go with. Many ideas came about later to hit the trash. It is an interesting landscape when it comes to trademarks and whatnot. We had originally planned on going with the name of a very prominent local tribe in the area whom everything from street signs to ski resorts are named after, but later realized that group has long struggled with alcoholism. You just want to be sure you aren't crossing any cultural, personal, or legal boundaries. Sanitas became a natural choice as we came to the decision we wanted to reflect our passion for the outdoors. Mount Sanitas is a prominent peak overlooking our home of Boulder, Colorado. You can get a great view of Mount Sanitas from our future patio.