Save Our Strange event at The Rackhouse January 27th

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by highlifeCO, Jan 15, 2013.

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  3. I'm beginning to think they should just change the name, not that it matters what I think. But life's too short to spend any of it in court, money's too dear to spend any of it on lawyers, and they'd probably get another huge wave of publicity out of the name change.

    Maybe do a contest...
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  4. ArrogantB

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    They're in the wrong, they didn't do their due diligence and their beer sucks. Now they want a handout?
  5. Oxymoron

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    I disagree. I think their beers are pretty solid. But everyone has different tastes so meh. They did get a bronze for their barleywine at GABF.

    This event wasn't started by Strange by the way. All the beers are donated from other breweries to support Strange.
  6. they are great guys and I too disagree w/ the statement that "their beer sucks". Your info, that they didn't start this, means ArrogantB is at best 1-for-3, above, IF it's true "they didn't do their due diligence" (which I believe is undecided at this point, unless ArrogantB is the federal district court judge who'll decide this. If not, he may be 0-for-3....)

    But if Oskar Blues couldn't afford to fight those assholes at Gordon Biersch over Gordon, how can Tim win this battle? It's his life so I'm shutting up now, and I'll try to be there if I can still get in...
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    I still don't get it. If you google "strange" and "brewing", you get tons and tons and tons of "Strange" breweries, taphouses, and homebrew stores. So, is this business that wants to sue going to sue every single one of the "Strange" beer-related businesses in the country?
    Somebody make sense of this, please.
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    I would, but I can't :oops:
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    Uh, there's also kinda this:
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    Well, yeah... I mean, maybe we should have a massive writing campaign and fill Moranis' and Thomas' mailboxes with letters urging them to sue Strange Brew in Mass?
    Heyyyyy... not a bad idea.
  11. ArrogantB

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    If you believe in giving to corporate charity go right ahead, no need to get personal about it.
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    I always figured this would've been far more confusing as it's just down the road from them:

    Pretty cool place based on my memory, too.
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    If they don't go to court, what will happen to the proceeds?
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    as long as the beer goes into my BELLY!
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  16. Personal? you expressed a fairly aggressive and negative viewpoint, you got some pushback. Nothing personal though. Cheers!
  17. ArrogantB

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