Great Britain Scotland in September - Swap for Colorado Craft Brews?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mmapes, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. mmapes

    mmapes Aficionado (225) Colorado Nov 12, 2010

    Hi all. I'm coming to Scotland (and Northern England) in the second half of September -- we'll be anywhere from Manchester to Fort William to Aberdeen and in-between. Would love to bring some great Colorado beer to someone who might appreciate it. (Excellent Colorado brews: Great Divide Yeti, Avery Kaiser or Maharaja or Czar, Funkwerks sours, Oskar Blues cans, or even New Belgium which is so common as to hardly be noteworthy). Maybe you could share something local and undiscovered with me, or take us out for a pint.

    Let me know if you're interested in some Anglo-American beer diplomacy.


    Martin from Boulder
  2. Sounds good Martin. I can't make any commitment as yet as my work diary for September is still to be set buy I am certainly intertested.
  3. mmapes

    mmapes Aficionado (225) Colorado Nov 12, 2010

    Thanks, Zimbo. I started a conversation offline to share details.

    If there's anyone else up in Brewdog country that's interested, let us know!
  4. Well, you did mention northern England. I'd be happy to say howdy if you're making your way over to York! Handy hint: it always rains in Manchester :)
  5. mmapes

    mmapes Aficionado (225) Colorado Nov 12, 2010

    Yes! We will be visiting friends in Wetherby and would be happy to work in a trip to York. (Tadcaster? :) ) Let's touch base offline or in a "conversation."
  6. Alright, sounds like a possibility :) Not sure if your plans are finalised yet, but York is well worth a visit from both a beer and touristic perspective. It's late here - I'll send you a message tomorrow....