Sculpin in a can sighting

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by sandiego67, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. RaulMatisse

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  2. "Do you have Sculpin in a can?"


    "You better let it out, or it will suffocate."
  3. Hatzilla

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    What are they charging? Are they 6-packs or 4-packs?
  4. That's one of the brewers from BP...I don't think the cans are available yet. But to answer your question: probably too much.
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  5. OneBeertoRTA

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    Wish it was 16 oz! Curse you Ballast Point!
  6. penniwisdom

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    They just got their canning line 2-3 weeks ago. It is a very slow machine and they said they will only be canning sculpin with it.
  7. Rick760Sd

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    like most great craft beer can'll probably be $19.99 for a four pack.
  8. Rampage1

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    Please send some 6 pack cans to AZ. Please!
  9. Eriktheipaman

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    Coming back to SD this week and would love to find some in cans. Maybe I'll stop by the brewery and hope they have some.
  10. Madskill

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    I just had my first Sculpin and mine was not bitter at all. What gives? I was disappointed.
  11. It probably wasn't very fresh. Check the enjoy by date. Sculpin tends to sit on shelves awhile due to the high price tag.

    I cannot wait for Sculpin cans.
  12. Arbitrator

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    A young Ron Perlman with BBQ pork shoulder?
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  13. bigsippin

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    from what i've heard, it'll be sometime in Feb for cans. I didn't hear anything about price.
  14. evilc

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    "It probably wasn't fresh". Tired of this response when people don't like Sculpin! FRESH Sculpin isn't very good anymore, it is basically a different beer from what it was 2 years ago. Living 10 miles from the Old Grove location and working 3 miles from it - I get told I need it "fresh" on this site whenever I mention it sucks.
  15. dcgunman

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    The only sculpin in a can I will buy is in the keg. My 15.5 keg of sculpin is halfway full/empty. Bottles are too much $$'s. But it'll have to do if you ain't got a kegerator. Still a great ipa!!:)
  16. dcgunman

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    This last batch of 15.5 gal of sculpin I picked up was/is still fresh. Nothing like out of the bottles. I did compare out of the bottles and the keg when I first tapped it. Now if I can get a keg of fresh pliny.

    By the way: FYI - You can now buy 5 gal keg Sculpins in the OC. They just started distributing the kegs the end of last year. Mr Kegs carries it now. And Bevmo is suppose to be getting it too.
  17. Pretty simple solution to this - every time you get told this, we arrange a BA summit at the Old Grove location, and do a taste test of sorts. If people agree you are right, then they must take you a nearby place of your choice (maybe Alesmith or Societe) and buy you what you like. If you are proven wrong, then you must go to a place you do not like (let's say Wet & Reckless) and buy yourself a few beers.
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  18. RaulMatisse

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    I, too, have detected a difference in the taste of Sculpin over the years (not sure if it is my own taste changing, or the beer itself). I am curious what you think has changed.
  19. Tanger

    Tanger Zealot (80) Pennsylvania May 21, 2008

    Nice looking Traeger
  20. I agree that it is a shell of its former self. With that being said, I still prefer it over most of the year-round/easy to find IPA's out there when it's fresh ;).

    To be clear, he mentioned it was not very bitter and not that "it sucks". More likely than not, this is a result of old product.