Sculpin IPA vs Sucks vs Nugget Nectar

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Sculpin IPA vs Sucks vs Nugget Nectar

  1. Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

  2. Lagunitas Sucks

  3. Troegs Nugget Nectar

  1. Three of my favorite warm weather brews (though I haven't had a chance to try many of the greats yet as I'm quite new to this).

    Which do you prefer?
  2. I'd say Sucks, with NN a close second - and Sculpin a distant third.
  3. Haven't had NN so can't say. And only had Sculpin once.
  4. Nectar

    Nectar Savant (310) New Jersey Jan 17, 2013

    NN then sucks then sculpin.

    Unfair to me though as 9/10 sculpin you see around here are ancient
  5. Sucks and nugget are so different though. nn is an imperial amber and sucks is a IIPA... They are both delicous, It is hard to compare them though.

    I personally like sucks and nugget about the same. sculpin is third.

    Now sculpin and sucks can compare easy. With sucks running away with it.
  6. gshak

    gshak Advocate (520) Texas Feb 20, 2011

    Never had NN, but I've had fresh Sucks and Sculpin. Sculpin wins. Sucks to me, is just a touch too sweet. IF only they could bring the sweetness down a notch, it'd be a closer contest.
  7. rails

    rails Aficionado (180) California Nov 8, 2012

    Fresh Sculpin from the brewery is divine a straight up fruit bomb. You people picking sucks have never had truly fresh sculpin. Never had Troegs Nugget Nectar
  8. Yeah right. Sculpin is obviously better than Sucks taste wise. It's not even debatable. Can't really compare NN in the equation since its a totally different style.
  9. schildres

    schildres Aficionado (185) Maryland Oct 14, 2010

    I'm a huge fan of all three. Sucks and Sculpin are so good, but personally I can never get enough NN. Even though its not technically an IPA.

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  10. I could see sculpin being better if it was straight from the ballast point. I am in PA so I am sure what we are getting is a little on the older side.
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  11. No offense but why bother responding??

    I'll go with Sucks, NN, then Sculpin.
  12. rails

    rails Aficionado (180) California Nov 8, 2012

    I live a 100 miles away from San Diego and it's not even close to as good out here compared to the brewery. They dry hop the shit out of that beer with Simcoe & Amarillo = fruit bomb bro
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  13. atomic

    atomic Savant (455) Illinois Sep 22, 2009

    Still waiting to try sculpin, but out of sucks and NN, its NN for me by a mile.
  14. Next time I am in SanDiego I will make a stop.... It is always better from the source. I live 5 minutes from troegs. NN there and in the bottles is a different experience.
  15. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,065) Indiana Aug 11, 2012

    Scuplin sucks. SUCKS doesn't suck. Nugget Nectar is alright.

    Apparently Scuplin is only good for about 4 hours after it's bottled.
  16. I have to say Sucks wins for me due to price, availability and ease of getting it fresh. Sculpin would win if I could get it w/out having to empty my wallet. 1 bomber of Sculpin = A 6pk of Sucks in CT.

    NN is a beer that was amazing to me the 1st year I tried it. Now that I have drank more and more beers it's a really good beer that's seasonal and not available in CT. Not saying that I don't get a 6pk or 2 when it's around and I can get it but I don't go out of my way for it anymore.
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  17. Never had NN. I love fresh Sculpin, so it got my vote, but it was far easier for me to get fresh Sucks in CT than it's ever been for me to find Sculpin, so I drank/drink far more Sucks.

    Mmmhm, hops.
  18. It's only fair to compare them all at their best. I think they are all top tier beers, but my list is firmly:

    1 Sculpin
    2 Nugget Nectar
    3 Sucks

    Sculpin wins for shear balance and complexity, and Sucks comes in last because the balance leans too sweet for me to enjoy multiple in a row.

    All awesome beers though!
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  19. They just wanted to be put in their two cents with all the other cool kids;)
  20. I've had Sculpin with only a few (3ish) weeks of age on it and did a blind review. 3.75 out of 5 for me. Sucks is much better. If it can't last 3 weeks...what's the point.
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  21. Dirtinabottle

    Dirtinabottle Savant (450) New York Aug 21, 2012

    Have had NN and Sculpin on tap while Sucks just from the bottle. Fresh Sculpin wins this race by a nose for me.
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  22. rails

    rails Aficionado (180) California Nov 8, 2012

    maybe it was stored in a 100 degree wherehouse

    You don't know where that beers been so you had one bottle shipped across the country and that makes you a sculpin expert?
  23. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    This as well
  24. Had to vote for Nugget Nectar here. The other 2 brews are definitely hoppier, but Nugget Nectar is so balanced and so ``refreshingly'' hoppy. It's a joy to drink.
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  25. BB1313

    BB1313 Champion (825) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    All are great, but I'd go with Sculpin. But like I said, they're all phenomenal so I don't really understand how a hophead can think any one of them blows, but to each their own.
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  26. Kendo

    Kendo Advocate (525) New York Dec 23, 2005

    Three different styles here, so hard to compare. . . . FWIW, I would rank them NN, Sculpin, then Sucks, but I've had plenty of Sculpin that was not-so-young and thus not-so-awesome.
  27. dar482

    dar482 Advocate (735) New York Mar 9, 2007

    Maybe I had a bad batch, but NN was supremely disappointing from what I remember. Quite good, but just a sweet malt bomb.

    I love Sucks, but Sculpin eeks as I would have Sculpin everyday.
  28. SenorHops

    SenorHops Savant (430) Rhode Island Aug 10, 2010

    Distant 3rd)Nugget Nectar
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  29. Sucks, then NN (as said, hard to totally compare apples and oranges), then Sculpin. I have had Sculpin on tap twice, once was downright bad, the second time was better but nothing amazing. Seemed to be lacking much of any malt backbone and no fruitiness to be found. Maybe I need to take a trip to San Diego...
  30. VeganUndead

    VeganUndead Advocate (720) Virginia Apr 25, 2012

    No time to discuss, too busy trying to find KBS
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  31. FEUO

    FEUO Initiate (0) Ontario (Canada) Jul 24, 2012

    I'll take Sucks, then Sucks again, and maybe more Sucks.
  32. jahbulon

    jahbulon Aficionado (155) New York Jan 25, 2013

    funny you say that. Just had my first sculpin on 3/29 and it said best by 4/02 on the bottle. needless to say wasn't too impressed. Sucks all the way!!! and its the cheapest o' the bunch (for me)
  33. For me this is an easy call. I'd pick Sucks any day over the two others. So damn tasty.
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  34. so we are comparing a single IPA vs. a Double IPA vs. a hoppy red ale? ok cool.

    Next up, which one is better:

    Reality Czech vs. Double Black vs. Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock?
  35. jmwildwest

    jmwildwest Aficionado (215) Florida Mar 10, 2013

    Sculpin for me, followed by Sucks. Haven't tried Nugget. Been enjoying all the Ballast Point brews lately
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  36. ChanChan

    ChanChan Advocate (585) California Dec 12, 2009

    1) Sucks
    2) Sculpin
    Never had Nugget Nectar
  37. All three can be considered ipa/dipa's or whatever. They are all between 7-8% abv and all hoppy as hell. I see no reason why they can't be compared.
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  38. Srsly
  39. That's a Sculpin for me. Sooooooooo good if you can get it fresh. I get the same flavor profile as RR's Blind Pig and I love that beer, more than Pliny dare I say...dare I say it???
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  40. all three are uh a IPA...or ale...or whatever. They are substantially different. You can compare them but it seems like a strange comparison from the inception.

    If it is predicated on similar abv, then you can compare Parabola vs. Pliny the Younger vs. Bottleworks XIV. which one is best?