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[Seattle] Mutiny Hall

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by distantmantra, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. The guys behind Collin's Pub, Hudson Public House and Last Drop Bottle Shop are opening up a new place in the Roosevelt neighborhood (1205 65th AVE NE) down the street from Pies and Pints and across from Roosevelt Square. Haven't seen much talk about it, but with that pedigree and within walking distance of my house, I'm psyched.​
    From Seattle Beer News:​
  2. I also hear it should be slightly cheaper than collins and hudsons, which will be nice
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  3. My wife walked by there on Sunday and noticed the front door open with a crew of workers inside. Hopefully they hit their July 16th target.
  4. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,050) Washington Sep 18, 2010

    Does anyone else feel like there's kind of an early-'90s Starbucks type boom going on right now around town, but this time it's craft beer (and a lot more independent players, naturally)? Pretty wonderful if they can all sustain the growth.
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  5. NWer

    NWer Advocate (670) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    Agree. Let's hope they don't get ahead of themselves (whatever that means) & grow too quickly. It's nice because I don't mind the drives into Seattle but I would sure like to see something new really cool targeted for South Snohomish County. Mill Creek Town Center would be perfect. I could bike down. Just wondering though - can you get a DWI while biking?
  6. FalconA

    FalconA Initiate (0) Massachusetts Aug 10, 2011

    I would think you'd have to be riding pretty recklessly to draw a cop's suspicion enough to actually stop you, but...

  7. NWer

    NWer Advocate (670) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    Ha! That's what I like about Beer Advocate. Intelligent people with real answers. All you gotta do is ask. :)
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  8. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Savant (495) Washington Nov 12, 2011

    Talked to Seth (owner of all four of the places) and he said the opening might be later in July then expected. I think around the 24th or so
  9. Hehe, we were pretty intoxicated during Tour de Pints for SBW. One of my buddies doesn't remember riding to each brewery.
  10. Walked by this morning on a walk with my daughter, they've got the railing up for outside seating. The front door was open so I took a peak inside. Lots of guys in there working, cutting boards, sawdust in the air, etc. Unless these guys are fast, it's gonna be a few weeks at the very least.
  11. They got the signs up outside. Looks nice.
  12. Sorry to bump, but I caught a beer list outside:


    Looks like they're going to have Pliny the Elder on tap opening day. Smart business move. Worried about lines but I think I'm going to go as I'm yet to try it.

    The guy inside said he was waiting for one more license but was hoping to open up Sunday, and definitely by next week. Anyone want to go?
  13. Dang! That's my kind of beer list! Pretty pumped to live within walking distance of this place.
  14. I doubt there will be any line, Pliny isn't hard to come by around here.

    I'll be there in opening day, it's really close to my house.
  15. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Savant (495) Washington Nov 12, 2011

    Yeah the RPM is the best IPA on that list lol. More excited about The Abyss. I was at Hudson last night, I guess the soft opening is tonight and they open for real on Sunday.
  16. Soft opening was tonight? Damn, I was at Fremont for my birthday party. My brithday is actually tomorrow, so maybe kiddo and I will have to walk over before leaving for a cabin weekend in Entiat later in the day.
  17. Ha, I just moved here from the east coast where you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find anything by Russian River, let alone Pliny. Guess I better get used to this.
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  18. Any idea how late these guys are going to stay open? I am going to go with a few friends, but most of them aren't around until 8PM. I don't know anything about this area and how late things typically stay open on Sundays, but I don't want to get there only to find it closed.
  19. Were you the folks taking up all of the seating along the long table?
  20. We were.
  21. Hope you had a great birthday. Cheers.
  22. Thanks! Here's to hoping 31 is even better than 30.