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Shhh...it's a secret...a Stone Soup Secret

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by blitheringidiot, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Can you keep a secret? Well, I sure as hell, can't!

    We've done it again! We've somehow managed to fool the generous good folks at the Wet Whistle to allow us Beer Advocates to overthrow their place with a beer coup d'état named Stone Soup.

    Y'all know the drill. It's ONLY the best beer event around.

    We bring out gems and jewels outs from the coveted basement to be shared and enjoyed by one and all.

    Mark the date, get a tattoo, write it on the wall, to one and all.

    Who: US
    Where: Wet Whistle, J'town, PA
    What: Best BeerAdvocate Gathering of the year
    When: Jan 26, 2013, Noon to 4PM EST (as always, the Sat prior to SuperB@wl weekend)
    Why: Because we can
    How: Take SEPTA or get a designated driver. Be safe

    PS: This year will top all previous SS BA Gatherings. Trust me, after all, I am a certified BlitheringIdiot.

    Comments and suggestion welcome.
  2. DaGrizz

    DaGrizz Savant (260) New Jersey Feb 22, 2012

    Can't wait. Attended the last two years. Gotta start dusting off some bottles for this one!!!
  3. i work in jenkintown now. bummer that this isn't on a weekday. that drive kicks my ass.
  4. ShanePB

    ShanePB Champion (990) Pennsylvania Sep 6, 2010 Verified

    Definitely planning to make it out this year. I've missed the past two due to last minute issues.
  5. YaKnowBrady

    YaKnowBrady Initiate (0) New Jersey Jul 23, 2010

    This to me as well, hope to make it this year.
  6. tubbnik

    tubbnik Savant (335) Pennsylvania Apr 21, 2006

  7. acurtis

    acurtis Poobah (1,280) New Jersey Sep 27, 2010 Verified

    Hopefully this will conflict with a Southampton release.
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  8. mcb4538

    mcb4538 Savant (330) New Jersey Jul 12, 2007 Verified

    For us new to the area, can we get a breakdown of the event .... plus some more hype?
  9. I'll see if we can get photos from previous years from my buddy JerseyDevil.
  10. shadowane

    shadowane Savant (300) Pennsylvania Sep 7, 2007 Verified

    It's an awesome bottle share. People bring bottles, you sample stuff, get some food, and then you go home. It was quite fun and I hope to make it again this year.
  11. mcb4538

    mcb4538 Savant (330) New Jersey Jul 12, 2007 Verified

    Got it. Wanted to make sure I would not be required to bring any soup ... or stones. Got plenty of secrets though!
  12. shadowane

    shadowane Savant (300) Pennsylvania Sep 7, 2007 Verified

    No stones or soups needed. I forget if there is a small cost involved, but I think it was like $10. Totally worth it though as they provide food plus a place to actually be. People are incredibly generous as well with some really awesome bottles shared that day.
  13. Greenplastic615

    Greenplastic615 Advocate (540) Pennsylvania Nov 4, 2008 Verified

    I'm in this year for sure.
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  14. Ya can't go wrong.
  15. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,205) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member Verified

    Excellent. Just enough time to gather some NW goodies from the condo storage room out west.

    Can't wait!
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  16. Is everyone tired of the same-old same-old vertical flights of Brooklyn Chocolate (7yrs) and Sierra Nevada BigFoot(I'll have to check)? As usual I will be bringing some special beers out of my "collection", some aged some just my favorites on that morning, but would anyone like to see the flights return as well? I'm happy to bring them if anyone wants to sacrifice the table space :)
  17. How can anyone get tired of that? I'm kicking around some ideas for this year. Also it is officially on the calendar. Please click on "Im attending" so we can coordinate with the Wet Whistle for food. Stay tuned.
  18. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,205) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member Verified

    Ev. Not that this is a big deal, or even really matters, but is this the 6th or 7th anniversary of this event? The calendar listing indicates it's the 7th, but the narrative references this as the 6th anniversary.
  19. mcb4538

    mcb4538 Savant (330) New Jersey Jul 12, 2007 Verified

    Wow! 60 people. So assuming the craft beer population explosion holds true, you're looking at 85 to 100 people? So if this holds true what should one expect to bring? I know it probably varies by whale-ish-ness, but I thought I'd just get some idea for a newbie.
  20. From the pics, looked like a great time.
  21. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,205) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member Verified

    I've gone to several Stone Soup events in the past, and based on past experience, you can expect beers ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. In the past, beers that have shown up included hopslam growlers and bottles (the timing is perfect), multiple vintages of Abyss and Dark Lord, Westy 12, Kate the Great, KBS, pliny bottles, etc. On the other hand, this really isn't a competition... bring what you like; bring what you can... no one is going to judge you based on what you bring. However, there are going to be folks who will bring some incredible stuff, showing off their "beersihness" and generousity (which I personally think is a a very good thing). Anyway, my point is, don't be intimidated by what some of the folks will be bringing to this event. Just bring something (whatever you're comfortable with) and enjoy the day. It's always a VERY fun time!
  22. Hudak

    Hudak Zealot (75) Pennsylvania Sep 9, 2007

    I've been looking forward to this since the last one ended.
  23. mr1581

    mr1581 Aficionado (235) Pennsylvania Jul 3, 2006 Verified

    excited that I should be able to actually make it this year
  24. Last year was my first, and it was one of the best beer days I've experienced, if not the best. Didn't really "know" anyone going in, a few twitter chats here and there and met a couple guys for a few minutes at other events, but the community atmosphere there is unmatched. Several people I met at stone soup, I've ran into at bars over the year and shared beers with and talked beers with. It's a great time for people to get together as well as drink some very good beers.

    Thanks for putting it all together yet again Ev!
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  25. Every year I swear it off...just ask my close BA buddies...but you guys continue the tradition and I can't say "No" to such a great group of guys, oh...and girls. I'd like to possibly introduce a few new ideas this year...like possibly completing a STONE vertical as best as we can muster from all years. I think I can cough up some bottles to cover a few years.

    Any takers to comprise a STONE vert? Post here, please.
  26. John might be my ride again for a wild fun time to J'town and John has the right idea bring whatever you like a try some new beers !!
  27. I was really hoping the OP would contain the recipe for the Ruination Cheddar soup from Stone Brewing's restaurant.
  28. I'm pretty sure a good guess would get ya in the ballpark. Give a shot.
  29. Best. Event. Ever.
  30. It's the new year, and that means the greatest day ever is approaching: Stone Soup! What started out as a little beer swap among friends has grown into something truly spectacular. Out of all the year's beer events, this is the one I look forward to the most. You never know what will show up.

    You’ll see rare beers, aged beers, brews from around the world, awesome homebrew… it’s really a great chance to sample things you’ll never have again. But don’t let that intimidate you. Just bring a bottle of whatever you’d like to share: chances are someone’s always wanted to try it but never got the opportunity. In honor of the name of this event, the day is more about sharing and camaraderie than showing off. It’s about the pleasure of being with your fellow beer geek and trying new brews together.

    Hope to see you there!
  31. SkinnyElvis

    SkinnyElvis Savant (410) Pennsylvania Mar 2, 2004 Verified

    It's on like Donkey Kong. Mrs. Elvis will be dropping me off and picking me up post Soup!
  32. Will the Whistle be providing glassware or is it recommended we bring our own? Drinking Dark Lord from the bottle leaves a waxy taste in my mouth that I would prefer to avoid.
  33. Everyone brings their own glass. Saw all kinds of glasses last year. There are pitchers of water setup to drink/rinse.

    My GF is out of town that weekend, both a blessing and a curse. The curse part is that I have no driver. And my sister, who drove me TO the event last year, has been turned into quite the beer drinker, when last year it was all Allagash White and Victory Headwaters (good beers in their own right, but she wouldn't have appreciated SS). She may be joining in this year.

  34. I should actually be making it this year finally after pussing out the past 2 years. Got a driver, supposedly, so yay. Not sure what i'll bring yet, but i'm sure it'll involve Cantillon of sorts.
  35. I'll post a reminder thread shortly before the event, as I always do, just to simply remind everybody of the how-tos like bringing your own glass and the rinsing stations will be provided. blah blah blah
  36. baybum

    baybum Advocate (605) Pennsylvania Feb 10, 2011 Verified

    I think I will be able to make this year, looking forward to sharing some great beers.
  37. you going?
  38. YaKnowBrady

    YaKnowBrady Initiate (0) New Jersey Jul 23, 2010

    Was hoping to, but tickets to Brian Posehn happened.

    Maybe next year :(