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  1. mklever42

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    Stupid question: I have someone willing to ship me some stuff I want and is asking for a shipping label which is cool so he doesn't have to worry about out of pocket expense. Since my work does all my shipping for me, how the heck does this work? I would like to keep my work out of this so do I need to set up an account with FedEx and print it off at home and snail mail it to him or can I send it to him via email? No idea how this works. Any help would be great!
  2. FishPondManager

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    Just create an account on FedEx and then print the label as a PDF. Then email the PDF file. If the other party is familiar with FedEx, which it sounds like the case may be, you can also just send him your account number. He can set up the shipment and print the label on his end and then it'll just be billed on your account.
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  3. franklinn

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    Yep, set up an account, then you can send it via email. You can also give him extra for the bottles (assuming this is a proxy situation) via whatever payment you're doing to cover the cost of the shipping. Either way works