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Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk & Help' started by NJOssie, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (265) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    Anybody ever have a hard time shipping to Canada via FedEx? I'm supposed to be doing a trade (neither have shipped yet) and I went to ship. I got another slip, but they said something about declaring what was in the box etc... they never ask when I ship in the states

    anyone with experience?
  2. Unless you're shipping to QC, probability of box being confiscated and destroyed = high. Plus, it's cold here now too...
  3. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (265) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    it's supposed to go to Quebec. hmmmm
  4. domtronzero

    domtronzero Initiate (0) California Aug 18, 2007

  5. fedex or usps and you should be good to go. You are shipping a collectible glassware gift worth $30 anyway, no bid deal! ;)

    hit me up if you need information!
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  6. Mark the contents as collectible glassware bottles and keep the stated value under $20. You definitely need to fill out the paperwork properly, and include multiple copies in the unsealed envelope. There have been a ton of confiscation issues reported though, so be careful.

    As an aside, what in the world are you doing thinking of shipping to Canada right now? Not only does it get down below zero at night this time of year (more than enough to make your bottles explode), but your box may also sit in a cold storage area at the border for 3 days waiting to clear customs...
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  7. Agredd, risky to ship right now until mid march, at least...
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  8. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (265) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    damn... you guys are right... it might be too much of a risk and a hassle... I'll see if the other BA agrees to just cancel this
  9. Or you wait for a few months to.ship
  10. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (265) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    I was trying to get a particular bottle for a share on the 19th
  11. Yeah, even if your bottles were shipped tomorrow, that gives you 5 Fedex days to arrive on time. That's definitely not enough time to guarantee anything with customs.
  12. NJOssie

    NJOssie Savant (265) New Jersey Feb 28, 2012

    hopefully he's cool w/ cancelling...
  13. If he lives near a border, he could just car the bottles through customs and ship from US territory. Thats what I used to do before getting buttfucked by customs over homebrew.

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