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Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by dsal89, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. kind of. I literally just picked up another bottle of Bigfoot and found cherry rye & bourbon county coffee!
    look harder my friend.
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  2. im not to worried for myself.. i already have 3 bottles of BF, 4 of CR and 4 of coffee.. i was just saying probally in general
  3. luwak

    luwak Savant (305) Arizona Mar 2, 2010

    We get SN at weird times in AZ. As I recall Life and Limb 2 was here about two months after CA release. Of course was that distributed through DogFish's network...? I don't know
    I'll bet it is at AZ Strongbeer Fest though (kegs obviously)
  4. LA is dry from what I can determine calling/shopping that past week. A couple places Orange County still have 1 or 2 bottles left as of yesterday.
  5. Slowly making its way to the NE. Cannot wait! Have heard good things. Stores are getting sick of me calling.
  6. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (380) New York Jul 16, 2011

    yep. Bought a bottle today! I'm jealous of the cherry rye friend. I want more.......
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  7. Wally's in Westwood. Thats where i got mine. Limit one. It should be hitting the Valley Stores this week.
  8. LSMroz

    LSMroz Savant (265) Illinois Jan 25, 2013

    Any word on Chicago? Every store I've asked says next week. But that's what they said last week.
  9. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (445) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

    It'll be popping up this week, but allocations will be spotty.
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  10. Papago just put on their Facebook page that they have some in stock! Woohoo!
  11. plutoniumpete

    plutoniumpete Savant (275) Ohio Oct 21, 2008

    got one in MA yesterday, wish I was able to get more.

    Must not drink, must score others...
  12. Rosty

    Rosty Aficionado (190) New York Nov 29, 2006

    Where was that?
  13. MLucky

    MLucky Savant (380) California Jul 31, 2010

    If you need space to store barrels, I've got some extra room in my garage.
  14. Thecherryman

    Thecherryman Initiate (0) Arizona Dec 8, 2010

    I picked up a handful today. Shluld be good
  15. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (310) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011

    Hit Louisville, KY. Found it at the beer store during the black note release party. Seems like they had a few more around when I left.
  16. Cavecreekchili

    Cavecreekchili Aspirant (45) Jan 23, 2013

    It's in stores in VA! Or so my boss tells me...
  17. compton

    compton Aficionado (180) Georgia May 20, 2009

    29 cases came to Atlanta or maybe GA, and I'm pretty sure they've all come and gone
  18. jkeffer13

    jkeffer13 Aficionado (200) Virginia Dec 12, 2012

    Haven't seen it yet, or heard of it hitting shelves/behind counters anywhere. Hope you're right though.
  19. BeastLU

    BeastLU Advocate (550) Virginia Dec 20, 2012

    Its true, got a bottle today.
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  20. Where did you end up getting yours at? Bevmo in Chandler had a case around 2:30p...
  21. Sam_Frank

    Sam_Frank Initiate (0) California Nov 29, 2012

  22. MarkJBurch

    MarkJBurch Savant (485) New York Jun 24, 2012

    Check out what I picked up on the way home from work...


    Only sold in a package. Mine came with two regulars and a bucket for $26.99. Had a few other variations of this with different pricing. Apparently the shop only got six bottles in and did this to stop someone greedy from buying them all... And to move some product, I'm sure. Regardless, I like it :)
  23. hopswap1

    hopswap1 Savant (410) Illinois Apr 27, 2012

    Out in a few stores in Chicago already.
  24. buckeyeboy

    buckeyeboy Zealot (95) Idaho Jan 30, 2007

    Hope we get some in Idaho
  25. That's a deal. $20 for the beer and $7 for the can/tin/whatever. Wish my shop did that with certain products they wanna move
  26. Have a bottle on hold for me to pickup tommorow in Rochester !!!!
  27. I like the bucket. I like it... a lot.
  28. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain Savant (455) New York Jan 13, 2010

    Semi-out in NYC. Foodtown of Harlem had a case and sold out last night (I didn't get one). Everywhere else expecting this week
  29. If there's anyone in the Seattle area, Issaquah PCC still has a few bottles.
  30. Jaap

    Jaap Aficionado (160) Washington Sep 21, 2012

    Already here.
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  31. Which distrib in NJ said it wasn't coming?
  32. JohnB87

    JohnB87 Savant (350) Michigan Mar 14, 2011

    Got some in a trade from an extremely generous trader (opened one of four). Just opened one tonight with two friends in Ann Arbor and it tastes almost exactly as I imagined: slightly hoppy, lots of barrel, and tons of awesome. It is quite different from any other BA barleywine I've ever had, but then again regular Bigfoot is different from any barleywine I've ever had.
  33. Waldomega

    Waldomega Aficionado (105) Nevada Jan 15, 2013

    if anyones in vegas, total wine henderson and khourys in henderson both have it in stock
  34. tbone33101

    tbone33101 Zealot (75) New Jersey Oct 9, 2011

    I asked my Kohler guy (north nj) and he looked at me like i had 3 heads. I used to deal with peerless as well, i emailed him and he said he is not expecting it but will let me know. Peerless seems to get most of the special releases so im hoping. Kohler didnt even get narwhal i was told
  35. danipp

    danipp Aficionado (195) New Jersey Jun 16, 2012

    I talked to Peerless. They are the ones that told me that NJ would not be getting any.
  36. TheBigEast

    TheBigEast Savant (270) New York Oct 21, 2004

    I have that same picture at my house tonight :) A nice little bucket and some Nugget Nectar! The Malt & Market in Rochester put the buckets together and put them on sale today. Cheers!
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  37. Crookdrain

    Crookdrain Savant (455) New York Jan 13, 2010

    Snagged 2 last night at Bierkraft in Park Slope, Brooklyn for $23 each (hefty price but it beats going around the city on my lunch break looking for this, which I've been doing the past few days).

    Looks like they had about 6 left as of 10pm last night.
  38. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (535) Michigan Jun 30, 2009

    Any in Michigan yet?
  39. alex021224

    alex021224 Savant (330) Michigan Nov 3, 2012

    Actually, I am picking my bottle up today (Canton Michigan).
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  40. i guess this is actually decent trade bait for the midwest and east coast?
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