Belgium Singe Day Brewery tour from Brussels or Bruges?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CyPotter, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. CyPotter

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    I'll be traveling to Belgium for 3 nights in early October and I've been trying to find a good brewery tour to one of the, ideally, Trappist breweries. I'll be in Bruges for 3 nights and then Brussels for one. All of the brewery tours I can find in Belgium are multi day, even multi weeks, adventures. I was hoping to find a single/same day tour leaving from Bruges or Brussels out to any of the nearby breweries. I see there are some walking tours of Brussels for various breweries, but I can see those myself. The big challenge is not having a car, which is why I was hoping to find an organized tour, someone who would bring groups to one of the breweries who otherwise isn't open to the general public. Anyone have any luck organizing a day tour out of the cities into the countryside to see a brewery?
  2. Dennoman

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    Trappist breweries = yaaaaaaaawn.

    Visit Struise or Dolle instead :) I don't think organized tours are something that's generally done.
  3. LBIsurf

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    Go to Cantillon while you're in Brussels. Best tour/tasting there is!
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  4. CyPotter

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    I definitely plan on going to Cantillon! Do they sell bottles there? Or in local bottle shops? Thanks!
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    They sell bottles right at the brewery, plus glassware, t-shirt and other swag.
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  6. Whatever you do - don't get too burnt !!!
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    I really enjoyed my tour to La Chouffe - which is about a 2 hour drive from Brussels. I know you say you don't have a car but you can rent one for about $60 for a day / $120 for a 3 day weekend - worth it because you can then get to Westvleteren :). Considering I ended up driving to Brugge (plenty of easy cheap parking) when I went it saved on rail expenses.

    While the tour was entirely in French - the guide tried to retell some things in English and some of the other takers helped translate. The tour is free for Americans and includes a post card, two beers, and a glass. Awesome deal!

    I also hit up Fantome on the way back which was a interesting experience and was able to buy a apparently rare glass. Was a fun day trip in all.

    Don't know if this photo shows up but people were honking at me while I was taking this haha:
  8. LBIsurf

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    Free for Americans? That's awesome, but what's the reason for that? I'll definitely have to check it out next time I'm in Belgium. Is it at all accessible via train, or is car pretty much the only way to get there?
  9. Trappist breweries are even hard to get to when you are on a tour, let alone travelling individually. Very few Belgian breweries offer tours except to groups and they must be prearranged. I would suggest contacting Regnier De Muynck (he lives in Brugge), he leads small tour groups. If he has another group sometimes you can join up. He can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] or contacted via facebook. You might also want to get a copy of Tim Webbs book, the good beer guide to Belgium. That will let you know the details about every brewery including if they offer tours or not.
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    My guess is few Americans make the trek so it's incentive to go? Anyways it was free when I did it two summers ago so I don't know if that policy had changed.

    I don't think it was accessible by train as I had rented a car from Brussels to visit.
  11. CyPotter

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    Thanks all! I will definitely reach out to Regnier and look at renting a car for a day trip. Worse case scenario I'll just enjoy the few breweries/beer stores in Brugge and Cantillon!