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    I have a 4 pack of resin to get rid of and woukd like to post it in the iso:ft forum but I'm not sure the area it gets distributed to so I don't know what to ask for it. Last time I didn't know the area of distribution and posted in the iso:ft forum I posted a General post like ft: resin iso: some type of ipa or stout and it got flaged as illegal for some reason. I didn't mean it as a "auction" I just know that it got distributed pretty widley and didn't know wich states didn't get it so I would know what thode states had to offer. Thanks for the help cheers
  2. That is an absolutely killer link. So tired of having to do a ton of research to find out where I can find a certain brewery's offerings or what will be available when I travel to another state. Well done!!!
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    Ya that link has always been super helpful for me but it can also be incorrect. There are some not listed for my state that I can get and the other way around. It is still pretty helpful for the most part.
  4. Good to know - thanks for the add-on of info.
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  5. That page is thanks to great work of BA "FalconA" - a lot of his info came from an earlier page by "nickd717" and, obviously, lots of help from other BA's and other folks on the 'net.

    If there are errors or additions (as one would imagine, the info is constantly changing), let him know rather than just complain or "warn" people of the needed updates.
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    I have done so, you can email him from the "About" page. I just want people to know it may not be 100% for their state. No harm in that, as stated in my original post.... "it has been super helpful".
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    I would say that if you structured your ISO a little differently it would fly through. Something like "FT: 4 x Resin ISO: $4$ your local IPA or Stouts". And I would recommend that you list some stuff that your interested in getting in the body of your post.
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    I did state $4 $ and that I just wanted to try some local stuff I don't get in FL but I guess ot was to general . Thanks for the info thought