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Sour, Saison, and Funk Round 3 Hints and Hauls

Discussion in 'Beer It Forward' started by DaveHack, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. jp7161

    jp7161 Savant (335) California Dec 22, 2011

    My target lives in the city where I went to College. Still working on the box, I wish my target had a few more wants.
  2. Every one of your hints can be applied to me.

    <fingers crossed>
  3. usofar

    usofar Initiate (0) California Dec 23, 2010

    My target will be receiving a box next Tuesday. Box includes 9 or 10 wants. Sorry I forgot to include a note, but if you get something from Orange CA, on Tuesday it's probably from me.
  4. I'm heading to a brewery today to get a bottle of 'should be want'. This beer has been compared to Tart of Darkness, but seems to be liked a bit more. Shipping (hopefully) on Monday.

    There is something on my targets profile that made me think of this guy:

  5. Hint #6 My box will be heading out sometime next week and traveling about 2900 miles northwest of me. I'm just waiting for a few VT goodies to come in. It's gonna be two boxes, a 12-bottle shipper and a smaller box for the proper glassware.
  6. OK...I think this box is wrapped up! There are 5 wants, but many other 'Should be wants'. There are 5 states represented and 2 countries. I think it will go out Monday, unless something else falls in the box!
  7. jp7161

    jp7161 Savant (335) California Dec 22, 2011

    Bottles are ready to go and box should go out Tuesday. I was able to pick up 5 wants. The box will travel roughly 2736 miles.

    Go Quakers!
  8. Kmccabe33

    Kmccabe33 Savant (425) Georgia Nov 4, 2011

    My target has yet to post in this thread, but my box will be going far west of me, and should be able to meet at least a few of his wants.
  9. DaBubs

    DaBubs Aficionado (185) Illinois Mar 2, 2011

    My target has posted in this thread as many times as I have.
    My target has updated his wants within the last week.
    My target is going to get at least 6 of those wants.

  10. channels321

    channels321 Savant (275) Texas Apr 16, 2012

    35 lb. box is on is way, I assume with the holiday it will be delivered on Friday.
  11. Box is wrapping up. We hope to ship after the Holidays so we are shooting for Monday.

    Hint# Your avatar has very nice hair
  12. usofar

    usofar Initiate (0) California Dec 23, 2010

    My box should be landing today. Deep in the heart of Texas.
  13. usofar

    usofar Initiate (0) California Dec 23, 2010

    There's a box waiting at someone's front door. Apprently there are multiple people from Texas in this BIF because sadly it not your porch Channels321.
  14. channels321

    channels321 Savant (275) Texas Apr 16, 2012

  15. channels321

    channels321 Savant (275) Texas Apr 16, 2012

    Hint- I am retty certain this is how my target sounds when he talks.;)
  16. Got a 12 bottle shipper sending out West most likely early next week after the holiday. Funky Wants weren’t the easiest but I was able to get 2 and some other funky delicious beers from great breweries…the party’s got 4 Belgians, 4 Vermonters, 3 Hoosiers and a Nantucketer.
  17. jp7161

    jp7161 Savant (335) California Dec 22, 2011

    Well the box is officially out. I took the rules to heart. If my target doesn't look like this after unpacking his box, I will be disappointed.

  18. Box landing tomorrow!!!!

    My target reminds me Homer Simpson (previous clue) from Japan

    My clues suck, sorry.
  19. Mr. Sparkle and I share a shockingly similar resemblance :)
  20. Haha....wow, that's crazy...
  21. ElkSherpa

    ElkSherpa Aficionado (200) Texas Dec 26, 2008

    This box has demolished me. Holy shit. Thank you Orange, CA resident (usofar?) for this killer box of goodies.

    upload photos

  22. usofar

    usofar Initiate (0) California Dec 23, 2010

    Yes that's from me, I hope you enjoy them! Sorry about failure to include or note, and for leaving a price tag on. That was totally lame on my part. A smaller box with swag will ship after Thanksgiving.

    MSEGUIN Savant (445) Michigan Apr 6, 2011

    Hmm...The Japan hint makes me think I could be the target. But who knows I suck at deciphering hints. Well see when I get home today.
  24. Soonami

    Soonami Savant (455) Pennsylvania Jul 16, 2008

    Got a FedEx notification that a box is coming my way! Can't wait!

    My box is going to a BA vet that I've never traded with before but been in several BIFs with in he past. I'll send a box full of wants and other goodies
  25. Logsdon Seizon Bretta is crazy good! Awesome box!
  26. A box has landed.....I repeat, A box has landed.

    MSEGUIN Savant (445) Michigan Apr 6, 2011


    So after a night of drinking and gambling at the casino (winning money even!) I come home to a KILLER F'N BOX.....Dude!!!! DaveHack you killed it! You just made Thanksgiving beer drinking so awesome for me....I cannot describe how happy I am with what you sent in the box. Sorry for the crappy picture. I have a lame phone camera, and my actual camera is busted.

    Sly Fox Saison Vos (Cant wait to get into this bottle)
    3F Oude Geuze (WANT)
    Crooked Stave W.W.B.I. (HOLY SHIT!)
    Odell Brewing Co. Saboteur (Have heard nothing but good things)
    Westbrook brewing co. Brett & No Mices (WANT)
    Weyerbacher Sour Black (MMMMMMM...beer)
    Hill Farmstead Arthur (WANT)
    Hill Farmstead Clara (Cant get enough of ol Hilly Farmstead)
    Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus (Almost cried, first time Ill be able to try Cantillon)
    The Bruery Tart of Darkness (HALLELUJAH!!! WANT)
    Russian River Supplication (WANT)
    Russian River Sanctification (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU)
    Weyerbacher Seventeen

    and an AWESOME Hill Farmstead WINE GLASS!
  28. Sexy box right there^^^
  29. Glad you liked it.....the 3F is a Golden Blend, correct? At least that's what i thought i sent. Glad the glass made it, when i packed it i was a little nervous....Cheers!

    MSEGUIN Savant (445) Michigan Apr 6, 2011

    Shoot. Yes the 3F is a golden blend. Forgot to put that in there. Thanks again bro, AMAZING BOX!
  31. Gonzoillini

    Gonzoillini Advocate (680) Illinois Oct 15, 2008

    Clue 2: Going to a BA I've never traded with before who has posted on Page 2 of this thread.

    12 bottle styro going out on Monday containing:

    232 ounces (rounded)
    6 wants and 1 "upgraded want" (hopefully my target will get this)
    beers from 7 different breweries / blenders
    Exclusively beers with brett / bacteria as my target doesn't appear to be the biggest saison fan.

  32. channels321

    channels321 Savant (275) Texas Apr 16, 2012

    Box has been delivered to a neighborhood in Boston.
  33. My box will be headed far East sometime next week.

    Hint: My targets state was recently bitch-slapped by mother nature.
  34. DonFrap

    DonFrap Savant (480) Massachusetts Feb 27, 2011

    That it has! I haven't had time to more than pull the bottles out, but this box looks awesome!! I'll post a pic and write up later tonight. Thanks for the box!
  35. Well now that I've been ruled out as channels321 target I'm gonna start stalking your hints since NY was bitch slapped by Sandy.
  36. channels321

    channels321 Savant (275) Texas Apr 16, 2012

    Sorry Guisseppe, maybe next time around.
  37. Myself and Lordkrystic are having a funk/sour packing party tomorrow.

    All aboard the Mother Ship.
  38. Picked up some local funk as well as some gems from over seas. Making a trip to Vermont on dec 6th. Box is shaping up nicely. Sorry but my box won't be out on time but I'll make it worth while.

    Hint: something about my target makes me think about ice cream.
  39. RedBeeron

    RedBeeron Savant (260) California Jul 7, 2012


    My target has three numbers that appear two or more times in his/her phone number.
  40. Soonami

    Soonami Savant (455) Pennsylvania Jul 16, 2008

    Joseph killed with this fantastic box!


    Russian River Beatification bottled 011012
    Russian River Framboise for a Cure 2012
    3F Oude Geuze
    Bruery Autumn Maple 100% Brett
    Bruery ISO:FT
    Bruery Trois Poules Francais
    Bruery The Wanderer
    Deschutes The Dissident 2012
    Hangar 24 Barrel Roll No. 05 Chandelle
    Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Batch Number 1
    Cascade Blueberry
    Cantillon St. Lamvinus

    He says only 5 are listed as wants but I was excited to see every single one of these bottles

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