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  1. In early February I will be making a weekend trip to the South Bend, IN area from PA. Could anyone recommend some local breweries or bars that have a nice selection of regional micros? Also, are there any good bottle shops in the area? I'm really hoping to find some Three Floyds (among other regional breweries). Thanks!
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    To Drink I'd hit up Fiddler's Hearth as a first choice. Here is a link to their menu (it's outdated but should give you a sense) If you are on / around ND, legends is okay as they usually have a FFF beer or some Upland on tap as well as other micros as is the O'Rourke's Pub which is across the street.

    You can also hit up the Four Horseman Brewing Company which is making some solid beers.

    The two main bottle shops are Belmont and Citywide. They each have a few shops and I'd say they have an OK selection but should have some FFF / Flat 12, Figure 8, etc. There is a Belmont right by the linebacker close to Grape and I prefer the Citywide on Grape Road.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Dcv

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    Pretty much what he said, except I prefer the downtown Citywide location. Elkhart is pretty close by and there is another chain of stores called Chalet. You will also be about an hour and a half drive away from Kalamazoo if you want to hit Bell's.
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    I'll second the trip to Fiddler's. It's the best pub in the city by a long long margin. Try the fish n' chips, they're my favorite.
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    Citywide on Grape Rd. has a pretty good selection of bottles. There is also a bar called The Pub on 23 northeast of the University Park Mall that I have heard has a good beer selection. For local breweries I would recommend Bare Hands in Granger. Great beer and great atmosphere. I also echo that Fiddlers is a fantastic spot, particularly because they are non-smoking where most bars in that area are smoking bars. Just a short trip away (20-30 mins) you can go to Iechyd Da in Elkhart and a little further in Goshen is my favorite bar, Constant Spring...another non-smoking bar with a good craft selection. The Chalet on CR 17 in Elkhart is a good Chalet, as is the one south of Goshen on 33 with the Beer Cave.

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    oh, and if you get a chance and want to check out a dive bar, hit up Mitch's Corner, you might find a decent beer or two...literally....but there's a good chance my little sis will be your bartender and she is cool....she could also tell you where to go and such because I've trained her well ;)
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  7. cfrances33

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    There are a handful of good places:

    For pubs, bars, etc. I echo everyone who mentioned Fiddler's Hearth. Great traditional Irish public house atmosphere, and always multiple good things on tap, and usually a specialty. If you're going to be by ND (first of all hit me up because I live across the street from campus), but The Mark in Eddy Street Commons has a pretty great taplist as well, and absolutely dynamite food. It's slightly pricier than Fiddler's, but the food just kicks ass. O'Rourkes and Brothers at both ends of the block in Eddy Street Commons always have Gumballhead and Alpha King from FFF on, as well as APW, Dreadnaught, and Zombie Dust often. In Mishawaka, Bar Louie (part of University Park Mall) always has a very nice taplist with some specialties as well.

    For bottle shops, etc. City Wide on Jefferson in downtown South Bend is your best bet for rarities. The City Wide on Grape in Mishawaka is also very, very good as well. Belmont Beverage next to Notre Dame's campus always has a solid selection of FFF. A real unexpected gem is the Martin's Supermarket closest to Notre Dame (on 23). I usually make most of my regular purchases there, and they nearly ALWAYS have Dreadnaught, APW, the current FFF seasonal, Alpha King, Pride and Joy, Robert the Bruce, and Gumballhead (most of the time).

    Anyway, hit me up when you get out here with a BM. I'm more than happy to grab a bite and few pints wherever!
  8. If you have time to cross over into Michigan then you'll be able to find stuff from Shorts, Arcadia, Brewery Vivant and probably a couple other Michigan breweries that aren't in Indiana. I don't know of any good stores in Niles (many grocery stores carry Shorts and Arcadia), but in New Buffalo you'll find Bud & Elsie's c-store/gas station and a grocery store on the back side of New Buffalo Pharmacy (I can never recall the name of this place) that have a decent selection.

    In Sawyer, Michigan, just a quarter mile off the 12 mile marker exit from I-94, is Greenbush. They have a limited amount of bottled stuff in distribution right now, so you may not find it in New Buffalo, but their beers are very good and you should find a good selection at the brewery.
  9. Thanks for the help...I think I'm sold on Fiddler's! I think a "detour" to Kalamazoo might be in order to!
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    I have been meaning to check out another dive bar in the area(Bleachers) I will have to add Mitch's Corner to the list.
  11. myersk27

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    Bleachers selection is waaaaaaaay better than Mitch' sis has been trying to get Mitch to get more craft beers in....slow progress
  12. robboyd

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    Just echoing what most have already said but when I'm in South Bend these days, which is frequently because I was raised there, I go to Bare Hands 100% of the time. If you only went one place to drink beer, it should be there. While heading to Kalamazoo is never a bad idea, Greenbush & Iechyd Da are much closer and equally as good IMO (albeit fewer options than Bell's).

    Fiddler's is a great spot. They usually have a cask on the hand pull plus a nice variety of other brews as well. The fish and chips is amazing, with the curry sauce for the fries. I also think the Mark has a the best beer menu in town and will often have rarities that you won't find anywhere else in the city (for a price).

    City Wide downtown is by far the best selection for bottles in South Bend. Ask for Dan and don't forget to check the temp controlled room. They have a lot of vintage beers in the back, past the wine racks. A few weeks ago they had at least one case of 2010 expedition stout just sitting there - for normal retail price on a six pack. I'll also say that for Hoosiers, it's worth the 15 minute drive to Michigan for the added distribution but PA and MI have a lot of overlap and it might not be as worthwhile for you. Shorts might be the only unique beer you'll find at the bottle shops near the border. Depending on the timing though, it might be easier to score Plead the 5th and Double Crooked Tree in MI than in PA (should be hitting shelves in February). My usual stop is a little food mart just south of Highway 12 (Pulaski Highway). It's one stop light south of the entrance to the highway, on the south west side of the corner.
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  13. cfrances33

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    Still there. Multiple cases of 2010 and 2011.
  14. robboyd

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    Probably should clarify that the shop is on 933, which links downtown South Bend to Niles, MI.
  15. awdturboiv

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    Picked up the last sixer of the '10s this afternoon...still 3 cases of '11 downtown
  16. I'm hoping to find some really fresh FFF Alpha King, Dreadnaught, Arctic Panzer Wolf and Zombie Dust. Right now I'm debating whether to just head straight to FFF brewpub or to try and find them nearby in a bottle shop like City Wide. Which would be the best bet? Once again...thanks!
  17. robboyd

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    Zombie Dust has only been distributed to the South Bend area twice to my knowledge. If that's high on your list, the most likely scenario is to go to the brewery. I don't really know how frequently the other beers you mentioned are delivered but they will be at City Wide as often as it does happen. What you should be able to find is fresh Behemoth, which at this time of year is where I'd be putting my money. Just call City Wide and ask them what they'e got in. Nice folks at that shop.