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South of the border

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by KingHenry, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hello all,
    I will be Driving down, spending a week at 'south of the border' in south Carolina.
    Any suggestions on bottle shops and or some must craft bars to check out?

    Ps. Is cigar city distributed to sc ?
  2. Terrapin is. Cigar City isn't.

    I have no clue what or where south of the border is so I don't know what there is near there but unless your near Charleston, Columbia, Greenville or Charlotte there aren't many really good bottle shops nearby.
  3. http://www.thesouthoftheborder.com/

    The 'tourist attraction'
  4. Thanks. I'll check it out
  5. South of the border for a week? Are you going to the beach too? (I hope). If you're coming soon, the weather looks amazing for this weekend and next week. I went swimming in SC this past weekend.
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  6. They have a motocross training facility on site. A hobby even more expencive than craft beer.
  7. Rymar9

    Rymar9 Savant (325) South Carolina Jan 24, 2011

    Isn't south of the border kind of in the middle of no where? every time I pass that place on the way to the beach it looks like a broken down amusement park with no one there
  8. Florence will probably be the closest to where you will be staying that has a good beer selection. Try Mickey Finns here in Florence for bottles. Apple Annies has a good selection on tap as does Mellow Mushroom.
  9. a week at South of the Border aka Pedro-Land? Whatever floats your boat, here's to finding some good beer to enjoy along the way.
  10. Loki

    Loki Savant (490) North Carolina Apr 3, 2003

    South of the Border is not really close to anything. But that also depends on what you feel is close. Also, how much time do you have?

    For reference point on Google Maps also see "BFE"

    I don't think there is much in Rockingham, but I really don't know. How are you coming down or going home? It might be worth it to out of your way and cut over to I-85 and stop in Raleigh to load up. Then I-40 back to I-95 down to SotB.

    You are also about the same distance to Myrtle Beach as you are from Charlotte or Wilmington. Fayetteville would probably be your closest/best option. And if your heading down I-95 and don't have time to veer off, your best option over all.

    If you do that I would probably say that Grapes & Hops, Huske Hardware, and The Mash House.

    If you have some travel time coming, going, or during the week then you have lots of options. None of them what I would call close. But all hundreds of miles closer than you are now, so it's really all relative.
  11. Pedro says, "You never sausage a place!"
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  12. I enjoyed a dinner there when passing through with a water. As a couple others pointed out, stopping in Myrtle Beach (even briefly) is a good bet. And then the next time you go to SC, I recommend staying in Charleston. The city has a lot of history, great sights and quite a few spots to enjoy a pint !