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Discussion in 'Benelux' started by atomeyes, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Is it worth spending a day in that area?

    I'd love to visit Fantome, but I'm wondering what people think of the towns, etc. Trying to justify a day trip to visit the three.

  2. Have no experience re: Soy/Rochefort, but why Bastogne? WWII? Not a lot there, that I know of, beer-wise, save for the Lamborelle ( http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/16121/?view=beerfly&ba=Bierman9 ). I visited Bastogne and toured around the battlefields.... Great place, if history is your thing. Lamborelle has Airborne Beer, and there's always Chouffe not too far away....
  3. Rodenbach is there, i think. it looks pretty. and it is close.

    but i forgot about Chouffe. perhaps I'll go there instead of Bastogne.
  4. i should also add/ask:

    how does one recommend i get from town to town? rent a car and drive?
    or rent a car and bike around after using the train to get from point to point.
  5. Rent a car , for sure !
    This part of Belgium ins't that easy to travel around like the flemisch part !
    I would recomand to rent a car with GPS :)
  6. Yeah... No train service at Bastogne at all, and buses are scarce.... In 2011 I did a day trip then rode all around for the day on a bicycle... Was great! Last year I visited by rental car, from Maastricht....

  7. I visited all three last year. Bierman9 is right about Bastogne. Unless war history is your thing it isn't exactly a beer destination, however, I used it as my night stop when I visited Orval one day and then visited Achouffe and Fantome the next day.

    A car will be needed. Driving distance between that area isn't too far. Soy's main drag is about a mile long so really only thing to do is visit Dany at Fantome. Rochefort is a nice little town, a bit touristy, and you can't visit the abbey but could be worth a stopover for a meal of some sort.

    Regarding Rodenbach, it is located in West Flanders on the other side of the country. And I'm not sure what the plans are but if you're going to be in southeast Belgium a visit to Orval will do well. Beautiful abbey in a beautiful region.
  8. i am staying the night at Orval. I was really excited to try the cask ale they have on tap and try the food...and then saw that, in May, the restaurant's only open for lunch. bleh. so i may miss out on the beer.

    also, how does one manage to try one of the special bottles of monk's Chimay?
  9. Good choice to stay with Orval since there isn't much in that area.

    Not too sure about the cask ale. And I don't know what the monk's Chimay is. Are you thinking of the Orval Petite? That should be on offer at the Hotellerie or nearby as I think the kegs only go a few kilometers from the brewery.
  10. i am sorry. typo. i am staying at Chimay.

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    SStein Savant (410) Belgium Dec 26, 2012

  12. When I stayed at chimay they had all 4 beers in the small refrigerator in the room. They may have them at the restaurant too. Even tho you can't visit rochefort , I would take a shot at knocking on their door. We did on our first trip out there in 01 and got a good picture with one of the monks, and a 6 six pack of rochefort 10: he also signed my great beers of belgium book.
  13. Enjoyed this place in St. Vith while in the area, would have put it in the above post, but couldn't find it in time.