St. Patricks Day Atlanta

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  1. My wife and I went to Ri Rah's Irish Pub last St. Paddy's and it was a blast. We liked the party atmosphere with the traditional Irish stuff. They had some Celtic music accompanied with dancers and food. They had typical local craft beer and typical SN PA and SA varieties but additionally they had some great music and just a ton of fun events going on. We had a blast!
    I just wanted to see if anyone knew of anything else going on this St. Paddy's that would be a lot of fun and maybe would have some more craft beer stuff going on. I would note that the music and entertainment can easily out weigh the beer menu at the pub if nothing is going on at the pub. So for the people that may say "just go to Brickstore and listen to some Irish music in your earbuds" thanks, but I'm lookin' for more. (if there is some cool stuff going down at Brickstore I would def go there.)
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    I(and some buddies) just bought tickets for Ri Ra's this year! Was looking at all the options and thought that was the best, especially since it is supposed to be 70 and sunny. With the weather looking like it is, I just couldn't turn down a block party with live music.
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    They usually have some sort of Patty's Day themed event. Plus you'll be in Decatur which has Mac McGees and The Marley all within walking distance. Both have a good craft selection
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  4. If we end up going there this year I will give you a buzz and we can slam some Guinness together. Last year they had a band play for 2 hours that did nothing but 90's rock/alternative.
  5. Well now I have gotta make up my mind. Thanks for the info.
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    I usually hit Decatur. Surprise surprise. Mac Mcghees and the Marlay house both do a fine job. I will be poppin a cpl Fantome Magic Ghosts if anybody has a hankerin for some green beer