Staying In Brussels For My Honeymoon

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  1. Me and the future-old lady are splitting two weeks between Rome (her choice) and Brussels (my choice). So-- please!!-- Give me the must-see stops, tours, events (October 15th-19th), or anything else that a beer lover would enjoy upon visiting one of the greatest beer destinations on earth.
  2. A search in the BENELUX forum would give you all the answers you need.
  3. There's a beer destination between Italy and Belgium called Germany.
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  4. At the time of planning this, we weren't sure if it would be too close to Oktoberfest to visit. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to check out Oktoberfest one day, but not really what I had in mind for the honeymoon. I've heard its sort of touristy and not a very true sense of the German culture.
  5. No worries. Just being flippant. Actually, though, depending upon your train route you might make a stop in Koeln (Cologne) where you can literally walk out of the train station and be right at the Frueh brewpub. I spent many a (sometimes intentional) layover there knocking back a half dozen 0.2 liter glasses of the stuff. At any rate, I'm sure you'll have a blast. In Brussels I like de la Becasse, Mort Subite (though kinda touristy), and, of course, Cantillon.
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  6. Are most breweries alright with walk-ins or are reservations necessary? I remember browsing through the back of Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium and he mentioned reservations quite a bit.
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    Brussels is a mistake to spend that much time in, to be honest. they have 1 brewery, Cantillon, a MUST hit. but then I suggest going outside. Brussels has great bars, moders, delerium, etc. but you can see and do the whole city in 1 day easy. It is very small.
  8. Mort Subite was a nice stop with authentic lambic , along with Cantillon for me. We also stopped into the Delirium Cafe a few times while I was there last year and enjoyed staring at the menu for a few hours as well as stopping into the upstairs bar that seemed to have the best service and most knowledgeable Bartender. I highly recommend stopping in there as well as checking out a few of the beer shops.
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  9. Ha, well thanks for the bode of confidence that my honeymoon will be a dud, but I think we'll be fine in Brussels for a few days. Just kidding, I know you're just trying to be helpful. We do plan on checking out some other cities. Delerium was definitely on my short list.
  10. Visit De Heeren van Liedekercke, just a short train trip outside of Brussels. One of the best beer bars in the world (in my opinion only trumped by Akkurat), but also cosy with locals, serving magnificent food. Both you as a beer geek and your to-be-wife (congrats by the way ;) ) will love it!
  11. Plus one to that! Brussels for one day is enough! Better go to Antwerps and the world famous Kulminator.....

    Or.......dump the future misses and go to Belgium for two weeks!!!;)

  12. Let me know if you want any tips on beer spots in Rome - went there on my honeymoon and found some amazing beer bars.
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  13. Aboslutely! Shoot me a PM!